Cynthia Nixon got married

Cynthia Nixon is one of the actresses who starred in that smutty HBO series, Sex and the City, which portrays women as female versions of promiscuous gay men, the only difference being the women get to wear designer clothes and high-heel shoes.

Although Nixon has two children with photographer Danny Mozes, with whom Nixon had “a relationship” from 1988 to 2003, the actress recently “came out” and publicly identified herself as bisexual.

Yesterday, May 27, 2012, in New York, Nixon wed her girlfriend, Christine Marinoni. The two women were engaged in April 2009. In 2011, Marinoni gave birth to their son.

Here is a photo of the happily wedded couple. Marinoni is the one dressed in a tux:

What is wrong with this picture? From their wedding photo, it sure appears it is Nixon who should be the one giving birth instead of manly man Marinoni.


27 responses to “Cynthia Nixon got married

  1. It may be that buysexual should really mean that if she wants sex, she has to buy it. This is so confusing I can’t keep up with it. These perverts are really weird.

  2. I honestly just don’t understand this. (sigh) I would be willing to bet that this relationship won’t last nearly as long as her first marriage did with the man. I always feel sorry for the children.

  3. How do they consummate that marriage?

    How long before Nixon decides to swing back the other way? If she’s bisexual, doesn’t that mean she’ll want a real man? Or is she now homosexual and in a permanent monogamous relationship with a woman? Straight folks want answers :)

  4. don’t forget rehab DCG- this just turns my stomach

  5. Such a strange photo. Looks like they are dressed up for Halloween!

  6. I think I’m gonna spew!

    Why is it there’s typically a woman that looks more like a man. Is it cross-genetics of some sort? And with two men there’s typically one that is more feminine. That still doesn’t account for the more masculine man or the more feminine woman in these “couples”. It’s beyond me and good luck to them.

    To each, their own and keep yours away from me and mine!

  7. Well, at least they wore black. But why is Henry Kissinger at their wedding? Hmmm…

  8. Certainly is bizarre, whichever way you look at it.

  9. Yes the cross is evil, etc. .. but c’mon folks it looks like the hat and her crown are photoshopped into the photo.

  10. I will never understand the compulsion to bark out sexual predilictions like a Tourettes patient.

  11. this is not their wedding photo, this is from an event in 2010

  12. I read an account of this on a news site, maybe People Magazine. It said that Marinoni is the president of a Teachers Union. That certainly fits with Secretary of Education, Arnie Duncan’s goal for increased LGBT diversity training,

    • This is why the whole pubic school system should be flushed down the toilet. Think of the money that would be saved and the lives of the children that won’t be destroyed.

      • Pre-K -12 education has been a particular focus of mine for years now. It operates best as a public system with accountability through elected school boards at the local level. What destroyed the system is top-down mandates from the feds who dole out money based on politically-correct hoops states and local districts must jump through for money.

        Privatization through Charter Schools, which is a BIG PUSH by both the right and the left, puts for-profit corporations in charge, much like the for-profit prisons run by the Corrections Corporation of America.

        • Public school and even private schools are places I deplore. This is where children go to learn how to become psychopaths. I’m actually amazed that their conditions are as good as they are. They belong at home with the parents. If the “government” wasn’t so intent on destroying the economy, one parent could stay at home with the children and the other could go out and work to support them. In any case, the public school system is a grand failure. It is completely worthless. The school system is a prison, just like the ones you mentioned. Schools should be for specific areas of learning, and they should only be for a period that is enough for learning the particular subject matter. The whole idea of public schools is stupid.

  13. I have one word, “Sickening.”

    • My choice would be “bizarre,” as they could have just done the deed and kept quiet about it, rather than flaunting their ‘taste preferences’ over us, as many of us would rather not hear or see of it.

  14. Wow, y’all are sure a bunch of ignorant bigots.

    • So original Dooter….

      ICYDN, this is a conservative Christian blog. We have opinions about homosexuals, or is it bisexuals? Pick a side and be consistent.

      Or just do whatever feels good.

      If you aren’t a bigot like us you must support NAMBLA?

    • Another drive-by liberal troll — from Canada! — with nothing substantive to say except gratuitous insults.


      Dooter is an idiot

  15. Even though this is two women, they dress up like a traditional marriage couple. Is this done on purpose to make a statement that they are just as legit as a man and woman that marry? I don’t get why women wear a tux, just weird.

    • The homosexual crowd are just are another style of nazi punks from hell.
      They have no respect for God and the creation that he created. I’ve never seen such a bunch of obnoxious schmucks or schmuckettes.

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