More Breast Feeding! This is bad. You’ve been warned.

Seems Time Magazine has a new cover with skippy and Clooney.

Eye Bleach Warning!!!!!       Eye Bleach Warning!!!!!           Eye Bleach Warning!!!

What has once been seen, Can never be unseen.


.... Proceed at your own risk. Last warning.. Ouch, I’m blind. What we won’t do to bring you the breaking news. 

~Steve~                                        H/T Terry (chicken made me go blind)



You were warned.

You were warned.

13 responses to “More Breast Feeding! This is bad. You’ve been warned.

  1. Went too far on this one!

  2. Looks like he’s been “Around the world” with Clooney. Is the White House now a Whore House?

  3. The truth is often frightening! I for one hope they could be legally married under Romney. Not that that would make an honest man out of either of them. I would just hope they could find happiness in the arms of a fellow delusionist. (Yeah, I made that up.)

  4. There are persistent rumors that Clooney is gay, and that his serial girl-friends are mere “beards.” He denies it, of course. LOL

    • The same’s been said for Barry. You know, our first “gay” president. Rumor has it Moochele shaves twice a day. She picked that up from Hillary.

  5. Oh, now I know why his ears are so big….they are handles!!

  6. Thanks!

  7. Too funny Christy!

    Barry sings:
    “I’m a little tea cup……

    “I’m a little tea cup……

    “Dang, I’m a sugar bowl!”

  8. Here we have a well “connected” President.

  9. OMG Steve—-that’s naughty, tisk! tisk! But, I am absolutely rolling on the floor–thanks for the good belly laugh! It has been so hard to find anything to really laugh about lately—and it really is NOT inappropriate at all. Actually it is quite fitting, no pun intended (wink wink) !
    I look at it this way—for those who are a bit “weak in the knees” looking at this, how about the constant news we are forced to stomach concerning the homosexual demands and catering to by this administration. THAT’S the stuff that turns my stomach, now!
    You get my 100-star rating !!

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