It’s Caption Contest time!!!

Are you ready to play in another one of FOTM’s world-famous Caption Contests? This is our 17th!

Here’s the pic:

You know the drill:

  • The winner of the Caption Contest will get a fancy Award Certificate and a year’s free subscription to FOTM! :D
  • FOTM writers will vote for the winner.
  • Any captions proffered by FOTM writers, no matter how brilliant (ha ha), will not be considered.

The winner and runner-up will be announced on Monday, April 30, 2012.

To get the contest going, here’s my caption submission:

“If you believe in the Easter Bunny, vote for me in 2012!”

For the winner of our last Caption Contest, go here!


26 responses to “It’s Caption Contest time!!!

  1. Big ears? I sure hope my nose doesn’t grow!

  2. And then, just as the American people had lost all hope, the avenging spirit of Jimmy Carter’s Killer Rabbit appeared, saving the country from the clutches of Eco-socialism…

  3. Easter Bunnies? Really, I thought I signed a bill outlawing them I’m pretty sure it was hidden deep inside the Obama Care Plan.


    No… they’re not horns!!!!

  5. “If my father had done it with the Easter Bunny this is what his son would have looked like.”

  6. christy stinson

    AWW, I wanted to be the MAD HATTER!!

  7. when i was growing up in indoamnesia my step father wished to introduce me to his culture and we ate various exotic foods, insects, dogs, missionaries, and the easter bunny,.

  8. He may have big ears, but he is still deaf as a post.


  9. If I don’t win this election, I’m going to work for Hugh Hefner!

  10. Not much going between the ears methinks.

  11. Or; What’s up doc?

  12. ” Do these ears make my intellect look any bigger”

  13. Harvey!!!!! Where?


    New Images help explain why Secret Service Agents are in need of proving their Manhood. (Cause we all know it’s one of those poor men wearing that bunny costume!)

  15. Look at all the eggs I’ve laid and the biggest ones are GREEN!!!

  16. I hope Reggie likes my new look!!

  17. under the obama administration going under cover took on a whole new meaning

  18. Dennis Puckett

    Change you can believe in!

  19. wildbillalaska

    ” What do you mean by that crack that you are what you eat and that my families COOKBOOK must have been dog eared?”.

  20. “Gee, where do the campaign funds go? Hope no one finds out I’m forced to moonlight as one of the BunnyBoys at the Down Low Club… Mittens would never let me live it down.”

  21. Hmmmm Hef told me if I don these ears ……I’d have more sex appeal…with the swing voters or was that the swinger voters…. plus PETA would get off my behind for the dog eating thingy…..

  22. Follow me children , I’m the Candy Man–after all, I have the Easter Bunny in my back pocket !!

  23. “Hare today, hopefully gone tomorrow”

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