Why Is Obama’s “Body-Man” Reggie Love Leaving?

On Nov. 10, 2011, the New York Times (NYT) reports that Reggie Love, Obama’s 30-year-old “personal aide, shadow, caretaker, basketball buddy and roving diplomat” and all-around “body man” made “what friends and colleagues called a painful decision to leave the president’s side” at the end of this year.

Barry and his 6'5" "body man" Reggie Love

Reggie began working for Barry after he graduated from Duke University (where he played basketball) with a B.A. in political science/public policy and won what the NYT calls “a low-level job” in Barry’s Senate office. Wikipedia, however, calls his job “deputy political director.” Reggie was then promoted to be Barry’s “personal assistant” during the 2008 presidential campaign.

NYT says Reggie says the reason why he’s leaving his 6-figures-salary job is his “packed” schedule. According to Wikipedia, the reason is to complete his Master of Business Administration degree at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.

But in his exclusive-to-subscribers report of November 14, 2011, investigate reporter Wayne Madsen wrote:

“The fallout from Penn State has universities and colleges across the nation checking their records for indications of child abuse and other sex scandals. The Citadel is now embroiled in a scandal involving child sexual abuse by a summer camp counselor. Past gay-oriented sex parties at Duke and the University of North Carolina involving then Duke basketball and football player Reggie Love reportedly cost him his job as President Obama’s ‘body man.’ De facto White House chief of staff Pete Rouse, upon hearing of potential problems regarding Love at Duke and UNC and on the heels of the scandal at Penn State, forced Love to leave the White House staff immediately, even over the objections of Obama.”

Yesterday evening when I began a draft of this post, I had seen on Wikipedia’s entry on Reggie Love a reference to him “overcoming” an un-named “scandal” when he was at Duke University to secure a job in Obama’s Senate office. This morning, however, that reference has disappeared from Wikipedia.

Booker Rising, a website that describes itself as a “news site for black moderates and black conservatives,” has the dirt on Reggie Love.

The website says that Love “passed out drunk at a University of North Carolina frat party” and was “teabagged” (a gay sexual practice wherein one man dips his testicles into the mouth of another) by “white frat boys.” Love also was kicked off the Duke basketball team because he had a “drunk-driving charge,” although he “didn’t get a sentence as his blood alcohol level was slightly below the limit.” He was reinstated back onto the basketball team a year later.

Booker Rising has links to two photos  from the frat party.

The first photo shows Love passed out on the floor:

A second photo shows the tea-bagging. First, a WARNING!

Remember, you were forewarned!

Here’s the pic:

By all accounts Barry and Reggie have a close relationship. The NYT calls Love “an exception to the rule for a private, solitary president who allows few people to grow close to him…and growing so familiar that Mr. Obama would floss his teeth in front of him.” Barry even refers to Reggie as his personal “iReggie”, a play on Apple’s iPad.

Reggie and Barry

Other accounts, however, claim even a closer relationship — that Barry and Reggie are lovers.

In a July 2009 issue, the tabloid Globe claims that “President Barack Obama is embroiled in yet another gay sex scandal – this time accusers are making incredible charges involving his hunky personal aide Reggie Love! GLOBE uncovers the outrageous claims about the 28-year-old who is the Commander-in-Chief’s “body man” – and the First Lady’s fury.”

A year later, on May 24, 2010, Wayne Madsen had a blockbuster report for subscribers only, which claims that Obama is a long-time member of a gay man’s club in Chicago, of which his Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is also a member. In it, Madsen writes that Reggie Love “is also reportedly one of Obama’s regular gay sex partners.” Madsen also discloses that Love received a salary of $109,000 a year as Obama’s “body man.”

Nick Colvin, Obama's first body man

It turns out Reggie is not the original, but the second, “Obama body man.” Reggie had a predecessor, Nick Colvin, who was sent packing when reports came out that he was involved in sexual relations with then Senator and presidential candidate Obama.

In 2006 Colvin gave an interview to The Michigan Daily titled Alum’s job: Be friends with a senator where he described his job duties as Senator Obama’s personal assistant. They included waking up Obama every morning.

Where does Michelle Obama sleep?


69 responses to “Why Is Obama’s “Body-Man” Reggie Love Leaving?

  1. I have long believed that the “marriage” between Barry and Moochelle is a sham – much like Billy Jeff and Broom Hilda’s “marriage.”


    • If that’s what you believe, then you’d believe ANYTHING. Fool.

      • Apparently so will you, since you believe all of this is a lie. So now, James Coyne, are we any more foolish than you? We are presented with volumes of unflattering stories about Obama’s past from different sources and not one about anything he did, on his own, that has any positive effect and yet you believe these are all lies. Obama’s own narrative only cover his involvement in community, not the results of his involvement. While there may be room to say some of it might be questionable, the number of stories point to their veracity not lies.

  2. the sordid administration of obama

  3. yes indeedy, the “down low” world at the White House is beginning to unravel.
    See the link below for an amazing 2 hour interview with the newly re-emergent Larry Sinclair who sounds uber lucid with a photographic memory for detail ( we’re talking DETAILS, so be forewarned! ) from Hillbuzz & Megan Fox.
    Whether or not one approves of Larry Sinclair’s own prior lifestyle does not diminish the fact that he sounds WAY more credible than anyone that “came forward” about Herman Cain……in fact Larry has some interesting things to say about Ms Allread & the entire Cain debacle…….

    I received an email from Wayne Madsen recently about a new book coming out after the beginning of the year about Chicago, Obama, Man’s Country…all of it.
    and note to Dave: I have taken to calling Mrs Obama “Mike the Beard”….seems she doesn’t merely wear drapes but IS the window dressing for hubby’s true nature.

    Happy listening! :


  4. Is Love his professional name?

  5. LET ME SEE IF I’VE GOT THIS STRAIGHT. We have a queer, African, Zionist puppet as our “Commander-in-Chief??” To use Don Imus’s favorite phrase, “YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS SHIT UP!!”

    • You only have to see the actions of the Kenyan in office to see he is as beholden to the Zionist lobby as any before him and appointments within his givernment have also strengthened his Zionist credentials.

      The line that Obama is a Muslim or the beat up of the empty words of mderation he speaks about Palestine, despite always doing Israel’s will anyway is just Hasbara by the usual suspects, with their control of the media, A control which they are the first to boast about, except when calling someone like me an anti-Semite for mentioning it when it is not convenient. for the Jews who know him best, abusing Obama as anti Israel is simply mystifying. In the last days of the 2008 campaign, the former federal judge, White House counsel, and Obama mentor Abner Mikva quipped, “When this all is over, people are going to say that Barack Obama is the first Jewish president.” As far as his actions and prostrations before his Zionist masters is concerned, this should prove to be a very accurate assessment.

    • Perhaps the middle name of Hussein escaped you.


      • Tee hee…Guess you missed the stuff about obama’s ties with the muslim brotherhood, not to mention his “prettiest sound on earth” and “I shall stand with the muslims” BS. Really, a good look at this guy’s life, past and present, tells the tale. (Sometime look up the meaning of each of his 3 names.)

    • Try Narcissist and wanna be vampire. It’s a lethal dose of insanity. If we do not insistt that he resign we must be either co dependent or co conspirators. We know or should know that he isn’t fulfulling the oath he took when he was inaugurated, and should be on his way to the woodshed. What in the world is Nancy Pelosi waiting for, can she not make a rumpus. Isn’t Harry Reid meant to be someone? What are the leaders of the Democratic party thinking? The other odd thing is why don’t the Republicans take this golden opportunity to make a case for impeachment? Mitch McConnell vowed that he wanted to end this presidency, but he is like a quiet mouse now Can anyone explain this phenomena?

    • Almost right…a queer, African, MUSLIM president. He’s about as Zionist as Arafat was!

  6. Just another day in Skippy’s fradulent life. And the SRM will completely ignore this story as well.

    • Hey thy with the wool pullest over thine eyes…I just named my backyard Israel. I hired a bunch of Martians, originally extortionist gangsters from Eastern Europe, all of which have names with a M in them, some ending in ski or sky, to run the government I put in place there. I then used theirs and my own IMF contacts to funnel all money through there, in kind of a money laundering scheme under the name of god. That god is satan, BTW. Oh, I also gave them full sanction to kill any human being they saw fit under the guise of superiority over what I have allowed them to term Goyim. By making them think they are god’s chosen and the rest are animals, I can get them to kill anyone without question. What a great backyard I have!

      You are delusional. You actually believe TV, njewspaper and radio fools preaching their teleprompted salvation. You need serious psychiatric help.
      There is no Israel, simpleton. There is only deception. You are Satan’s favorite child, welcome to his world, and his blessings.

      Your new temple is the same as the old temple. It is the pile of extortionist, money laundering shit that the prophet named Martin overturned before they killed him dead, with pain, and then dumped the body into the sea. /dg

      • Hey.. ChewyBacca… you seem lost…. Hmmm… If you have no sense about the direction you meant to go… I have an answer, o’ deluded one… go dig a hole in your backyard you love, and just keep digging till you get to a planet known as “Reality”… take a ‘right’ till you break ground of a psychiatrist’s office …and upon arrival.. tell ‘em I sent ya!

        • @IValuThe…
          Try making an argument. The whole character assassination based on zero knowledge of character just exposes you as a fool. I dare you to try to put forth a single bit of credible evidence or influence that refutes anything I have said.
          And when you bring forth your scriptures, touting them as absolute truth and the word of god, I will smack you down as a professor of hearsay that quotes unprovable; ancient fictions written by men and put forth as divine. You have nothing but what you have already produced, which is the exact opposite of what any prophet that has ever said or lived by.
          Your level of speaking on behalf of God the Creator Almighty is ‘I’m rubber, you’re glue’, or ‘my god is bigger than your God.’
          Your ‘answer’ is no answer at all. It is directions for ditch digging, something I must imagine you excel at, diverting the truth down a sewer channel to your pass the plate salvation of holier than thou organizations and propheteering.
          BTW, what’s with the editing of my original post? Z is Z, not M.

          • Read the about page. This is a private blog. We are entitled to change what we deem unappropriate.

            Our God unprovable? Standard argument for your types. ” That belief is about a universal negative — the total absence of something (let’s call it X). It is a proposition that requires, for its validity, that one has seen EVERYTHING in the Universe (or multiverse, according to quantum physics) so as to completely rule out X’s existence.”


            Try making an argument? Why should he….what you’ve said is complete garbage. Since you make such “credible” statements, prove them.

            • BTW, if this is a private blog, then kick me off. Banish me forever to wherever you and your persons imagine me to be. You have no idea what my type is, you just make your little presumptions and then throw in your little Above Top Secret regurgitated de facto mumbo jumbo.
              Go on now, make sure no one steps out of line of your doctrine, and run your ‘private blog’ into the dirt nap it belongs in. How pathetic.

  7. I see we have some Israel firsters amongst us on a site named for patriotic AMERICAN conservatism. Methinks thw confusion is all in the eye of the beholder there Martian.

    So just how do dual citizen American Israelis define American patriotism? Hilarious thought. /dg

    • I suggest you read our about page. We have guidelines on using derogatory language of Jews, such as what you used.

      You’ve drawn a lot of assumptions about us without ever having been to this blog before, to my knowledge. Suggest you learn more here before spouting off such assumptions.

      • Are you equating the Jews with Israel? If so, I want to see presentation of 12 tribes of Israel apparent in the nation state known today as Israel. Then I want to see definitive application of the 10 commandments, as well as the 900+ other laws of the old testament, not just when and where this current culture sees fit. Then I want to hear a definitive proclamation that the prophet known as Jesus the Christ is a false prophet deserving of death because of blasphemous claims.
        Following that, I want proof that a single member of the ruling force of the Israeli government has an ounce of Semitic bloodline. In case we are all unaware, Semites are of Arabian and North African descent, not Eastern Europe.
        I doubt any of this will be posted without ‘Martians’ and ‘Aliens’ replacing every other word that doesn’t shine up today’s Jews as the second coming of David.

    • The statement of separation: “Our god is unprovable” is the only proof necessary. You have made yourself a chosen child of the Universe and put the rest of us out on the curb. You claim divine knowledge then act in the contrary. There is no god that belongs to you except mammon, the very god that has gotten you to where you are and will take you to where you are going. Keep on with the “you prove this, this is my blog” morose. It only aids my points. You really have nothing, so you and your comrades in Baal will continue your petty name calling with scriptures of delusion as backing.

      • Hey arsehole, you’re the one that started the “prove this” narrative. You’re the one that making yourself out to be the expert so prove it.

        I see you’ve mastered the Alinsky tactics as well which is not surprising seeing as how your IP address indicates Illinois.

        And since you’ve deemed us pathetic, then take your arse to play with someone else that will enjoy you. I’m done with you.

    • I am just sure you have noted that when the three successive invasions of Israel take place, carried out by Persia and their Arab allies, Russia (the king of the north), and China (the kings of the east and their 200 million man army), that the United States, currently the most powerful military power on the planet, isn’t even mentioned.

      Not even as a footnote.

      Yet all of the above is slated to take place within one generation of the Jews (God’s chosen people, in case you missed it) reclaiming their homeland for the third and (final) time.

      That happened in 1948.

      And America currently stands over $132 Trillion in overall debt, and will very soon tip over if nothing is done to reverse things.

      And when we do tip over, the rest of the world goes right over with us.

      But fret not, as just perhaps we will be able to launch a few spitballs.



  8. Fellowship of the Minds

    Conservatives who love America

    But who love Israel more.

    • You really don’t get it, do you?

      Should America turn it’s back on Israel, America as founded is finished.

      Name one country in the last 6,000 years of recorded history that screwed the Israelis over that still amounts to anything.

      I’ll make it easy for you – there isn’t one – and all of them met their downfall within about one generation.

      And of those that actually survived, none of them have ever rebounded.

      Just look at Eqypt, Germany, Spain, and the UK.

      And be sure to pay particular attention to the over 50,000 Americans that died in Vietnam just one generation after this country essentially ignored the plight of the 1/3 of the planet’s Jewish population that perished at the hands of the Hitlerites.

      That was a warning to America.

      -And probably its last.


    • No, you pathetic Jew-hater from Western Australia.

      We love Jesus the Christ more.

      I suggest you go to: http://sultanknish.blogspot.com/2005/07/why-anti-semitism-is-mental-illness.html

  9. How is this new? Remember Donald Young, who paid with his life because of his relationship with barky soetoro. Remember Larry Sinclair, who was absolutely crucified for his revelations concerning the gay sex with, and drug use of the self same barky soetoro.

  10. Is Reggie here in Australia, maybe they could tie the knot, we recognize homosexual relationships, maybe Barry Soetero is doing a little research for future reference, him and Reggie might want to move here, our ass licking politicians would probably welcome them both.

  11. How Israel blesses the US? They stole our nukes, stole our defense secrets, sold most of it to the Chinese, attacked the USS Liberty, did the Lavon affair and many others, tried to drag us into the ’56 Sinai war, got the Arabs to hate us, did 9/11 and got the big US to fight all their enemies with wars based on lies (9/11, WMD). AIPAC runs the congress. The CFR runs the gubermint, The FED runs our money (into the ground). The Jew owned media lies and feeds us propaganda Including Faux News. The Jews get the liberals to spend money for social programs. The Neocon Zionists spend money on wars they create. Again all Jew organizations. The Jews took over the Christian religion and turned into Zionist crusade. The Jews promote Illegal immigration – but not in Israel. The Bolshevik Jews Killed 20 million Christians in Russia but whine and cry over their inflated 6 million number (it’s maybe 1 million). The Jew banksters funded both Lenin and Hitler and started WW I and WW II. We currently have a 15 trillion debt thanks to the Jew money system of the FED and the US is falling apart ever since the Jews took over the US.

    I could go on for a long time but please tell me again about how Israel and the Jews are blessing the US? You are fools – even Jesus knew they were the “Synagogue of Satan.”

    “I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the Synagogue of Satan.” – Revelation 2:9

    • Emery, you are off topic. This post is not about Jews. Stop hijacking my post. Why don’t you start your own blog where you can spew about Jews to your heart’s content. Be gone.

      To all Jew-hater commenters: Your comment will not be published. They’ll simply be deleted.

    • @Emery, you are mentally diseased and disturbed, you need shock treatment. Anyone who wastes time arguing with this mental case is crazy.

  12. Thanks for booting the Ron Paul anti Semites from here, they are brain diseased people and all parrot the same propaganda of hate and lies.

  13. White House: outhouse, or bordello?

  14. Obama the groomed,is the illegitimate son of Malcolm X his real name is Bari Shabazz……Found out thru a bad car crash he had in 1982 in Hawaii.
    with the SS # he apparently has now & the name on the lic. was Bari Shabazz….Malcolm X knew Thru traveling in Africa, knew Barry’s step father, before he was born….So, this pot smoking, punk had been groomed & spoiled rotten by his handlers & promoters to get to the position he has today knowing that his father was gunned down by radical Islamic dudes.

  15. Rolling in the mud of this scandal or talking smack about Israel isn’t going to help us stop the drum beat for the removal of Assad and or Ahmadinejad. Seems like this type of revelation always hits when “they” want us to look the other way while they are getting up to more dreadful trickery and other causes of disruption. Let’s take a closer look at what the President is up to, what is he actually doing setting up a military base in Australia?
    He made the FED the lender of last resort for the EU is constantly in league with David Cameron. We are meant to be a sovreign republic, not a British Colony.

  16. rump riders, alll

  17. all high profile gay people have beards! michelle apparently is not totally useless. 10 million for her vacations on the taxpayers dime.thats the liberal elite for you!

  18. I don’t give a whit that he is gay. The bigger problem is that this guy is anything but what he portrays himself to be. Worse yet he appears to be on course to be a archetype of an Anti-Christ in the sense that most of what he promised during his campaign . . . was directly reversed once he got in office. I mean if you bought a CD player and when you got it home it would only play cassettes . . . well you’d be pissed. And I think this is the revelation slowly occuring in the minds of Americans that made the mistake of projecting their dreams onto a candidate that purposely hid his real intentions: complicity with the banks, against legalizing Cannabis, for escalating war. In other words when he asks “for who the bell tolls” he is about to find out it tolls for him. Not too different from Louis the 16th and so many others that it would be difficult to document. And that is why there is this very idea of an Anti-Christ: because such betrayal is all too common.

    • Well, good for you that you “don’t give a whit that he is gay”. But you are convinced Obama is the Anti-Christ! Have you thought about this: If a man, who is really a homosexual, pretends he’s straight with a wife and 2 kids and use that “family guy” image in his campaign to get elected President of the still most powerful country on Earth — what that does make him? A liar, a deceiver, a concealer.

      But you “don’t give a whit” about that. Real smart of you.

      • The important thing is that I see him as a Jungian archetype of an Anti-Christ — a secular definition. But actually I think we agree in that he really does not want the people to know “what he is about” and is chameleon like in covering it all up. That does not engender a lot of trust and his actions belie his pre-election promises. Problematic on so many fronts.

  19. Read The Obama Timeline… 4,000+ pages of evidence against the thug-in-chief, and more than 26,000 references. Part II is at http://www.colony14.net. If you read the Timeline and still support Obama you are a lost cause.

  20. Look up the personal lives of the Fabians, of John Maynard Keynes, etc… you will find a long, deep and consistent tradition of linked Marxism and homosexuality. Keynes was an international cruiser, taking long Mediterannean sea voyages to North African countries where he could get a boy, cheap. It boggles the mind. And remember, a LOT of Crapitol Hill staffers are gay, and they tend to recruit and hire more from college every year.. Washington DC is starting to look a lot like San Francisco, and Obama seems to fit in there very well.

  21. as obama interviews for a new “body man” or “butt body” the antics
    could be taped and aired as a “reality show” live from the white house

  22. Judging from the many effeminate “poses” that potus has been photo’d in and the facial expressions when he gets close to the female of the species, Gaydar is off the dial.


    Very good blog, happy to have found it.

  23. He just needed a “Broad Ass Black Woman” who hates America as a cover.

  24. dr of many things

    The history is converging. Gay nanny in Indonesia who becomes famous cross-dressing gay street entertainer. Bisexual mentor in Hawai’i, Frank Marshall Davis, who wrote a thinly vieled novel about his perverse sexual life, including pedophilia. The lack of a single identifiable, flesh and blood girlfriend or date before meeting Michelle at age 28 (first date w her @29). The years of membership at a Chicaho bathhouse, Mens’ Country alng with ballet dancer Rahm Emmanuel. The credible down-low relationship with the choir director at Rev Wright’s church, who was mysteriously murdered in 2007. The Larry Sinclair story, replete with receipts and detailed description of Obama’s bumpy, uncircumcized penis. Then the TWO mansevants of dubious sexual oroentation, now including Reggie Love. Those photos at the frat house mean little since Reggie was passed out, but other info about him tells the tale. The faltering MSM has been scooped again by the tabloids. They literally don’t want to investigate the biggest personal presidential story of all time. I remember well how they hid John Edwards love life with Rielle Hunter and their love child. What will Michelle do when it all comes out in the dirty laundry? Oh, to be a fly on the wall!

  25. Michelle knows, really knows, and I wonder if she sometimes plots to speak up and out against the husband but knows she can’t for the safety of her children, mother, brother, and whole family. She knows. Long ago Larry Sinclair sent her his very graphic details about the president that only a lover or one’s physician would be aware of existing. Of course there is the possibility the letter never got to her, but if it did she has known for a long time. If the descriptive letter did not reach her, surely Larry’s video has reached her eyes and ears by now. And of course, she knows from the, uhh, “performance” of the husband.

  26. You read this ridiculous article and you BELIEVE it? Fool.

    • A man who uses an anonymized IP address, offers no refuting facts or arguments, but merely resorts to gratuitous namecalling is not only a fool, but rude and cowardly.

    • Why do you not even question Mr. Obama’s actions? There may be as much truth in this story as you believe there are lies. If you do not seek, you will not find. You read this story and disbelieve, so how are you any different? Is it that you support Obama, if it is, than your critique is noted as such.

  27. what sort of person has to pay people for friendship and companionship?
    and we elected this fraud to the presidency. unbelievable. wake up amerika anyone but obama

  28. Obama is a fag. Shout it from the rooftops!

  29. Voice of reason

    Really? Quoting The Globe as a reliable news source. This is outright conspiracy theory drivel. But thanks for the good laugh!

    • The Globe and other tabloids report stories more correctly than our state run media. Lest you forget which media outlet broke the news on Edward’s affair…

  30. I don’t know about all the other stuff, could be true for all I know.

    But I’m sorry, “teabagging” is not a “gay, sexual practice.”

    It’s a way straight frat boys and stupid teenage boys punk or prank each other while sleeping. They take pictures basically humiliating the one sleeping and teabagging is one such way to humiliate them.

    It’s like saying the adolescent game “doorknob” where when one guy farts he has to race to touch the nearest doorknob or get hit in the balls repeatedly by other guys is a gay, sexual practice.

    It’s not. It’s just young guys being stupid.

  31. This is just the latest in a long line of BO’s gay adventures…Sinclair is dead from a hit and run? …and the choir director is dead and his mother knows why! Wake up Coyne…do some homework!


  32. @ Dr of Many Things: Michelle already knows: She is in on it, as a part of the Destruction of America… (proud of my country for the first time…) And this year, early on, she said we single mothers have to stick together… Yeah. She knows. @ Igor: “WE…”??? ‘We’ did not elect this president. I DID not, so, from my point of view, its either ‘they’ or ‘you’ who elected him. I knew well better than to do something stupid like that. I PREACHED that same mantra: Anyone but Obama, and the Obama shills came out in gross, posting that they should have the right to choose whom they WANT in an election, not “the lesser of two evils”, knowing FULL-well that a vote for the third guy was a vote for Obama. I call them toss-outs. Couple that with the election-fraud on the Democrat/socialist/communist party (they did combine, you know- I read the Communist Party Leader’s grateful thank-you for that online, before I started pointing it out and screaming about it, and thus it was taken down.) Not just me, really, there were a few of us squawking about it. It was to “widen their base”.

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  34. Pingback: What Reggie Love said about Obama’s birth certificate

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