Steve’s Security Goofup and a Lesson in Humility

There is an old saying ” Do as I say , Not as I do”.

I learned a valuable lesson this weekend about firearms.

Guns need to be clean. I go to the shooting range every 2 weeks or so. Money being a little tight I haven’t gone for 2 months.

I pride myself on keeping my firearms clean. After a visit to the range, I always give my gun a quick cleaning and lubricant.

On Sunday, I brought my carry pistol, a 9 MM, to the range. I have not shot it so I thought it was clean.


After about 2 mags, I started having jams and on an empty mag the slide would not stay open. That has
never happened before.

Then I realized that even though I haven’t fired the gun, it gets dirty because I’ve been carrying it on my belt around town (Florida is a “carry” state). Between sweat, body oil, and little dust bunnies, my gun was no longer squeaky clean.

Had I not been in a shooting range but needed to shoot my gun for real I would have been in trouble.

My son was firing it, the last one went click, and he said “it’s empty.” But both I and the range officer knew there was still a round in the chamber that had just misfired.

So the long and short of this story is that I’m glad in a way that this happened, because it was a lesson to both my son and me. I’ve drilled him for years about gun safety, and last Sunday he got to see how easily an accident could happen.

So, make sure you clean and oil your “carry,” especially ladies who carry your gun in your purse. I even had the same problem with my rifle, which I don’t carry around. So do the same with your rifle. Take it out of the bag now and then and give it a quick clean and oil.

And now, the lesson in humility.  :D

100 Yds out. The little rat.. LOL

This target was 100 yds out. Not mine. :(

The little short guy who lives with me kicked my butt. I think he had 27 on paper. Let’s just say he beat me fair and square. I’m proud of him, now I am going to screw up his X-Box.  :D


8 responses to “Steve’s Security Goofup and a Lesson in Humility

  1. 100 yards out? Nice job!


  2. Dennis H. Bennett

    Steve: I have a 12 Gauge hole in my workshop’s ceiling. I called my buddy to patch the metal roof and then, embarrassingly, told all the gun handlers in the house what I had done while cleaning my favorite, but aging, shotgun.


  3. Point taken. Safety and cleanliness of arms are both Absolutely necessary no doubt about it!…

    Oh, and tell the little man, “Well Done!”… Little guy (1) … Steve (not so much) ;) JK…LOL ……

    (pssst, kid, you may wanna hide the x-box for a couple of days lol) :) )


  4. Steve, my dad has taught me to clean gun every time after we shoot as well. Yet instructor at gun range last week, King County SWAT team member, says he recommends cleaning gun after 500 rounds. Given that we don’t shoot near as much as he prob does, that sounds a like a looong time to go w/out cleaning. Didn’t make any sense to me and I was processing so much other info didn’t question him about that.


  5. Glad nobody tried to fire it with the bullet jammed in the barrel.

    That could have been messy.

    Nice shooting, BTW.



  6. Dad’s not proud is he?? I would be too :)


  7. Steve, had you not been in a shooting range but needed to shoot more than two mags through this gun on the street, you would have been in a combat.

    “My son was firing it, the last one went click, and he said “it’s empty.” This is the preface to many an accidental shooting, or at worse, famous last words.

    My friend Joe cleans his weapons everyday — whether he fires them or not. It’s first order in gun safety.

    Your right to carry a weapon on your belt brings with it added responsibilities — keep it clean.


  8. Phil, welcome. Hell if I have to go thru 1 mag I’m in deep doo doo. LOL
    Trust me I learned a lesson that day.


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