Mom of Murdered Obama Gay Lover Speaks Up

Donald Young

In late May, Wash. DC-based investigative journalist Wayne Madsen had a bombshell revelation about Obama’s membership in a Chicago gay club, Man’s Country. Madsen also reported on Obama’s sexual relationships with other men, including named D.C. politicians and Donald Young, the openly-gay choir-director of the church in Chicago of which Obama was a member for some 20 years — Jeremiah Wright’s Trinity United Church of Christ black liberation theology. Obama’s relationship with Young was confirmed by Larry Sinclair, who claims to have had two sex-cocaine trysts with Obama. 

There were two other openly gay men in Wright’s church: Larry Bland and Nate Spencer. In late 2007, as Obama began his ascent to be the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee, in a span of 1½ months, all three men “conveniently” died:

  • Bland was murdered execution-style on November 17, 2007;
  • Young was murdered execution-style on December 24, 2007;
  • Spencer reportedly died of septicemia, pneumonia, and HIV on December 26, 2007. (Death certificates of Bland and Young, HERE.)

Nate Spencer (r)

Now, Young’s elderly mother is speaking out about her suspicions that her son was murdered to protect Obama’s reputation and assure his political future as President.


White House ramps up damage control over Obama Chicago gay history

An exclusive Wayne Madsen Report – July 19, 2010

The story about President Barack Obama’s bi-sexual past will not go away. Now, in an exclusive interview with The Globe, Norma Jean Young, the 76-year old mother of the late Trinity United Church of Christ choir director Donald Young, has spoken out and declared that persons trying to protect Obama murdered her son at the height of the 2007 Democratic presidential primary to protect Obama from embarrassing revelations about his homosexual relationship with her son. Donald Young’s bullet-ridden body was found in his Chicago apartment on December 23, 2007, in what appeared to be an assassination-style slaying.

Norma Jean Young revealed to The Globe that her son Donald, who was openly gay, was a “close friend” of Obama. Mrs. Young also believes the Chicago Police Department has not placed a high priority on finding the killers of her son. Mrs. Young, who is, herself a former employee of the Chicago Police Department, told The Globe that, “There is more to the story,” adding, “I do believe they are shielding somebody or protecting someone.”

The Globe’s revelations are consistent with information obtained by WMR during a May investigation conducted in Chicago. On May 24, WMR reported:“President Obama and his chief of staff Rahm Emanuel are lifetime members of the same gay bath house in uptown Chicago, according to informed sources in Chicago’s gay community, as well as veteran political sources in the city.” The report added, “WMR spoke to several well-placed sources in Chicago who reported that Jeremiah Wright, the pastor of Obama’s former church of 20 years, Trinity United Church of Christ (TUCC) on Chicago’s south side, ran what was essentially a matchmaking service for gay married black professional members of the church, including lawyers and businessmen, particularly those with children. The matchmaking club was called the ‘Down Low Club’ but references to it over the phone and email simply referred to the group with the code phrase ‘DLC.’ The ruse, according to our sources, was to make anyone who was eavesdropping on the communications [FBI wiretaps in the Rod Blagojevich case likely contain such references] believe that the references were to the Democratic Leadership Council, also known as the DLC . . . Among the members of the gay ‘DLC’ were Obama and TUCC’s choir director, Donald Young, an openly gay man who reportedly had a sexual relationship with Obama. Two other gay members of the church were Larry Bland and Nate Spencer. Young and Bland were brutally murdered, execution style, in late 2007. Bland was murdered on November 17, 2007 and Young on December 24, 2007. The latter was killed by multiple gunshot wounds. Spencer reportedly died on December 26, 2007, official cause of death: ‘septicemia, pneumonia, and HIV.’”

Larry Sinclair, the gay man who claimed to have had two sexual encounters with Obama in Chicago in 1999, wrote a book, “Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder,” in which he states that Obama was linked to Young’s murder. Sinclair wrote that he was in contact with Young shortly before his murder and Young revealed his relationship with Obama. At the time of his revelations about Obama at a National Press Club news conference, WMR doubted the veracity of Sinclair’s story due to the absence of corroborating evidence coupled with a bizarre news conference. However, since that time, WMR has received corroboration from a number of sources in a number of locations, including Chicago, Alabama, Georgia, and Washington, DC. WMR has received information that various competing camps, including the Hillary Clinton and John McCain campaigns, attempted to co-opt Sinclair and his revelations for their own political purposes. Sinclair, it should be noted, has not deviated from his original story or charges against Obama.

On June 19, 2008, WMR reported: “ held a news conference following Sinclair’s at which a video of Sinclair’s polygraph was to be shown. After experiencing technical difficulties with the video presentation, Parisi abruptly canceled the news conference and took no questions.” The aborted news conference was as bizarre as Sinclair’s. Sinclair was arrested by Washington, DC police following his news conference based on a warrant from Delaware issued by Vice President candidate Joseph Biden’s son, Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden. The Delaware charges against Sinclair were later dropped.

Sinclair’s book is now the subject of a defamation lawsuit [Daniel Parisi, et al v. Lawrence W. Sinclair a/k/a "Larry Sinclair," et al] brought by Dan Parisi, the proprietor of the website,, who is mentioned in Sinclair’s book with regard to his involvement in polygraphs administered to Sinclair after he made his allegations against Obama public during the 2008 presidential campaign. The lawsuit is being handled by the politically powerful Patton & Boggs law firm, the same firm that represented George W. Bush’s top political adviser Karl Rove in the Valerie Plame Wilson/CIA leak, and has been filed against Sinclair, his publishing company, and distributors, including Barnes and Noble and in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia. Sinclair is currently a resident of Florida.

The lawsuit against Sinclair has been assigned to Judge Richard Leon, the Republican deputy chief minority counsel on the House Select Committee to Investigate Covert Arms Transactions with Iran, aka, the Iran-contra scandal. From 1988 to 1989, he served as Deputy Assistant Attorney General and from 1992 to 1993 was the Republican chief minority counsel on the House Foreign Affairs Committee’s October Surprise Task Force investigating the 1980 Reagan-Bush campaign’s secret dealings with Iran to ensure the defeat of President Jimmy Carter. Leon Leon was nominated for the federal bench by President George W. Bush on September 10, 2001. Leon’s involvement in so many high-level cover-ups of White House misconduct makes him an illogical choice to hear a case involving serious allegations against President Obama.

Note: Blagojevich’s defense in his federal corruption trial is slated to begin today in Chicago. Judge James Zagel has denied the defense’s request for all the government’s wiretaps to be played. The tapes, as previously reported by WMR, contain some earthy references to Obama’s and his chief of staff Rahm Emanuel’s homosexual habits.

Sinclair has told WMR that he believes the Obama White House is trying to have his book withdrawn from circulation to avoid any further embarrassments about Obama’s homosexual past and the possible involvement of his top lieutenants in Young’s murder. The Globe reported in May 2008 that a top Chicago private detective said he believed Young was “rubbed out” because of his relationship with Obama. Sinclair has echoed the private eye’s beliefs about Young and Obama. The Globe reports that before his death, Young was planning to flee to Africa to teach. The information was provided to The Globe by Young’s mother, who also now fears for her life and plans to leave her Peoria, Illinois home for a secret location. Mrs. Young said the Chicago police have warned her that her life is in danger.

UPDATE (1.20.2012):

Wayne Madsen has this to say in an exclusive-to-subscribers report on Jan. 19, 2012:

WMR has learned from a source who is an official of Trinity United Church of Christ (TUCC) in Chicago, President Obama’s former church, that congregants are afraid of discussing the brutal execution-style murders of two of the church’s members.

The church’s choir director Donald Young was murdered on Christmas Eve, December 24, 2007, at the beginning of the presidential campaign. Although the Chicago Police Department indicated there was a “person of interest” in the Young case, no one has been charged with Young’s murder. Another church member, Larry Bland, was murdered execution-style on November 17, 2007. [...]

When TUCC pastor Jeremiah Wright retired as pastor in early 2008, several church members left the predominantly African-American mega-church along with him, according to our TUCC source. The new pastor, Otis Moss III, has shown no interest in trying to find out the killers of Young and Bland, although the church is active in several community action programs, including those dealing with violence.

The TUCC source says there has been a “stand down” at TUCC in dealing with the Young and Bland murders. Although a service was held for Young at TUCC, the church, according to the source, “ignored the two murders,” adding, “there is no interest in pursuing the murderers.”

See also “Another of Obama’s gay young men died mysteriously,” April 4, 2013.


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  1. Obama the Murderer!!!!
    I found this article quite interesting but perhaps a little stretchy. I have no doubt that Obama is capable of murder–He comes from the Chicago political circle, but that doesn’t mean everyone in Chicago politics is a blatant killer, and it doesn’t mean Obama is either. However, the innuendo and the circumstances are interesting and no doubt possible. The question is—-How does one go about proving the legitimacy of the claim?

    Eo, if you don’t mind I would like to do a small story on this article on my blog. (With of course, credits back to your blog for reference.)


    • Ron,

      No permission is needed for you to use anything from the Fellowship for your blog, long as you provide a link back to us, which I know you scrupulously do. ;)

      As for this post on Donald Young’s mother: I didn’t see anywhere — in Wayne Madsen’s article or The Globe – saying that Obama personally killed Young or the other 2 men. One thing I learned from Joan from her years as an administrative law judge is the importance of timing. And the timing of the deaths of the 3 gay men from Obama’s “church” in Chicago — when Obama was poised to be the Democratic Party’s POTUS nominee — is most interesting and telling. I don’t believe it’s just a coincidence, nor does Young’s mother, who’s no fool because she had worked in the Chicago PD.

      • BO Jr’s SICK lifestyle is particularly disgusting by the fact that while he was running around at Gay Bars and Clubs in Chicago, he had two young daughters at home with Michelle. She is an unfit mother for allowing her daughters to be around the Prevert BO.

        • Has anyone found it funny that JUST BEFORE Obama was sworn into office, that his White Grandmother(who could have cleared up the BC issue) misteriosly falls, gets Very Ill and dies just days before his “Coronation??? If he’d kill his Gay lovers, what makes you think he wouldn’t off his Grandmother???? Think about it!

          • Yes, but as another points out it’s not Obama pulling the trigger. Those supporting his rise will “do anything” just look at the recent Union incidents and those are just fights amongst themselves.
            I watched the full hours long Larry Sinclair DC new conference on youtube more than once, and was aware of Biden’s son having him arrested as he left.
            So stranger than fiction is people like Wayne Madsen on the conspiratorial edge having more facts available than the vast majority of our mainstream press reporting does.
            Is this really any wonder when we have Obama in his unilateral war in Lybia claiming it’s just a kinetic action, this after they wailed about Bush’ wars, and then we have the MSM and the Administration claiming they don’t know whose side they are fighting on and we learn it’s actually muslim brotherhood and Al Qaeda styled fanatics and Iman Al Zaraqawi forces ?
            They actually get on national TV and are embarrassed for not knowing whose side they are fighting on – it’s not just where is the WMD this time long after the fact, it’s “whose side of the war are you on ?!?”
            Larry Sinclair was absolutely believable, he had such an intricate set of facts and answers for those there and common sense answers to the gotcha questions the obots lofted.
            We are living in a warped set of media lies and that’s how out government has gotten so far off track already.
            Sure hope they are reigned in, but it seems to me with things like this now commonplace public knowledge with nothing ever being done about them, we have little chance of an ethical return to center.

            • You can’t even SPELL “Libya”, yet you’re going to tell us what’s going on? ROTFL! Nutcases abound.

              • Typical leftard. You skip over a page of valid and viable points to complain about a typo.
                I made many typos after the obamanuts injured my hands. I couldn’t fasten a button or use a needle, and the NYC DAs were abusive and covered up, but I kept on writing and now, thank GOD, they are ok. And what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and more determined to expose that monster and the Nazi lovers who support him.
                Again, if “Lybia” were written by a dyslexic, does that change the intelligence of the content of the post? NO! NO! NO! and resoundingly, NO!
                Besides, most cogent point of all, Libya is a foreign word translated from a foreign language and therefore the spelling can be variable. One example is your q’ran, koran, k’ran, quoran, whatever.
                Get it, Spectre Troll? And think twice about calling us nutcases – because what does that make you?

              • Your name says it all. Spectre = ghoul = demon.

              • It was a typo, you fool.

              • and you have never made a typo I bet. Then I could be wrong—–just saying~~~~~~

              • People who respond to mis spelled words have very low IQ’s reports done by Harvards clinical psch dept. If your are intelligent your eyes should skim over the word and recognize the meaning. We all rush writing and some people dont type well, I thought the writer hit some solid points, but you chose to pick on writing do to your own insecurity.

              • did obama kill Donald Young did he himself pull the trigger or DID HE HAVE IT DONE

              • Yeah because grammer is so so important in having an opinion and reading/comprehending…. Nutcases are people who still think that the information that comes from the dinosaur/Mainstream Media is anything other than a fictional narrative which our Corporate Masters spew from whichever puppet they put forth…. Just use the race card, cause thats the way most stubborn shepple reply to all the evidence on the number of different issues that make Barry Sotoero(B. Obama) a joke… Sooo since the Iran/Contra scandal of the Reagen administration weve had BUSH I, then we (Chose) CLINTON, who just happened to be the Governor of the state where all the Drugs For Weapons were flown.. ie Mena,Arkansas.., next we were given the choice between BUSH I son and CLINTONs VP AL GORE…. Sooo…. BUSH II prevailed and after the 1st glorious term our next election gave us BUSH II vs his SKULL n BONES buddy JOHN KERRY, (who just happens to be married to the owner of HEINZ CO.)…. Its all just nutcases huh??? Everything is on the up n up, we live in the land of the Free and home of the Brave right… Maybe u should read Edward Bernays….

              • I hope while you are down there rolling on the floor laughing you find your brain.

          • His grandmother dying was curious to me too. He had made a trip to see her and shortly afterward she dies. hmmm?

            This whole thing is so curious. I heard today for the first time some reference to his being gay and began to google it. Lot’s of interest on his lifestyle. Is this why Michelle acts like the paid wife and not a real one? Is this why she takes off on vacation before he does? That gives him hours of private time with whomever? Very queer!

          • If he’ll support the murder of Babies Born Alive THREE times, there is no atrocity of which he is not capable.

            As for the daughters, no one has seen Michelle pregnant and the second child is the spitting image of a girl in the Move area where I used to reside – and campaign openly for pro Life conservatives – and where the Obamanuts tried to take my life.

            • This is a serious question: are you a mentally retarded person?

              • On what criteria do you base your herpetic loaded and rhetorical “serious” “question” and de facto ad hominem attack?
                I guess I hit a nerve in my comments. Do you support the savage, brutal and sadistic slaughter of babies in utero and, if they miraculously survive this, their murder?
                Do you support that, Dirk?

                • Just curious…..what do you mean by “herpetic loaded?” Herpetic refers to any condition directly related to the Herpes Virus, such as skin lesions due to the individual having Herpes. I have never heard of it being used in any other context, so I’m wondering what you mean. Also, I agree with what you have stated about in utero murder. Tonight on FOX, they were talking about the doctor who throws LIVE babies, who survived abortion, in the toilet, and when they struggle to survive, he sticks scissors or a scalpel in their necks at the base of the brain to kill them. This makes me believe in “an eye for an eye.”

                • Hey, you got this idiots name wrong. It’s Dick not Dirk.

            • ROTFL! You people are funnier than anything Saturday Night Live has ever put out! People take you seriously?

              • FYI…SNL hasn’t put out anything funny in over 30 years.

                Yes we are serious. Don’t like us? Move on then…

              • Strange as it may seem to a bargain basement scoffer like you, Spectre, the obamanuts took me so seriously they tried to kill me. But God’s angels and the NYPD protected me then and always shall.

                And what pray tell is “funny” about the slaughter of infants, pre natal and post abortion?

                Only a warped sociopath and sadist would laugh at that.

              • You hang out on wordpress and start arguments with your childish statements how lame are you?

          • I had the same thought back then when he traveled to see his white(Obama does not like white people) grandmother because, “She was very ill”, right before his “Coronation”, then he came back reporting she had passed away….makes one wonder.

            • I was on the campaign phone lines. It was astonishing how the Irish American voters in particular changed from “Obama? No way!” to a huffy “we’re voting for Obama now” strategy after Granny died.
              BO’s mentor the late Ted Kennedy must have advised him on the value of the “Granny vote.”

          • Yes I have thought of it, and I agree it is very misterous. BO is a mistery with in himself. He wants so bad to crush the USA for his dad and his dad never cared about him, he is SICK,SICK

          • she was old, most likely died of age related condition. I still find it hard to believe that he (BO) was/is?? bi-sexual….I mean if the story were about his college days and his drug use time period, I’d say it could be pausible…However, it’s very strange that 3 homosexuals from his church die/murdered?? around the time he’s moving up with the party, hummmm

        • Why does everyone continue to call him “Obama”? His LEGAL name is Soetoro. He was LEGALLY adopted by Lolo Soetoro, named Barry Soetoro, and there is NO records of him LEGALLY changing his name to Barack Obamer da Hammer.

          • Beepster – I tried three times to give you a thumbs up, but it kept reverting to zero; I may not be the only one.

          • Too little, too late…but I have taken to referring to him on discussions boards as ” ‘President’ Soetoro.” Conveys two vital data in only two words.

            Additional suggestion: NEVER NEVER NEVER give in to the homosexual lobby’s hijacking of the perfectly good Standard American English word “gay.” ALWAYS refer to them as “homosexuals” — which is what they really are in accurate scientific terms, so of course they hate it.

            The larger point: Corrupt and hijack our language and you DO gain control of the debate. Don’t let it happen. Call people and ideas what they ARE.

            • winstonsmith6079

              Maybe we, also, ought to revive that, once, friendly word “aid[s]” and reinstitute the ORIGINAL name of the malady “G.R.I.D.”: “Gay Related Immunity Disease”.

            • I agree with your opinion of ‘hijacking Standard American English word gay’, and am also ticked off that they have commandeered the rainbow. I have had homosexual and lesbian friends and family, none of whom were obnoxious and pretentious.

        • Seems to me after reading this article several times, that Spencer is the one that should be looked at for the murders of Bland and Young for giving him HIV……HUMMMM….JS.

      • No one needs to prove that Obama personally pulled a trigger. It would, of course, be the directive of the one or ones that are using him as a pawn. He need do nothing, say nothing, know nothing for sure. But, in his heart, he surely knows that these deaths were to benefit him, thus, benefit the choriographers behind his rise. He has only to keep his mouth shut and continue to do as they direct, or else. That’s the way of the powerful world, therfefore the way books about them are written, whether fiction or history. “History is stranger than fiction.”

      • Are people scared to tell all the dirt this President has been involved in? I would say yes, thank you for enlightening us on all his shameful ways.

    • signori vi scrivo dall italia. qui purtroppo siamo specialisti in calunnie finalizzate alla distruzione del prossimo. non pensate di essere esagerati in quello che affermate?saluti.

      • noi non parlare italiano qui!

      • [via Bing translator]
        signori I write you from Italy. Unfortunately we are specialists in libel aimed at the destruction of neighbour. don’t plan to be exaggerated in what you say? greetings.

      • Marco,
        Saluti a bella Italia!
        Mi dispiaci, pero non siamo esagerati in quanto riguardo a Soetoro/-X Shabazz/Dunham/ obama. Quest’ uomo sia stranieri, mal consciuto, senza documenti; pero di un disposizione ostile ai Stati Uniti e un vero “Dr. Death” a sui famiglia e amici.
        Per cioe abbiamo pauro per i Stati Uniti e al Mondo.

        (Greetings to beautiful italy. I’m sorry, but we are not exaggerating our comments re Soetoro/obam. This man is a stranger, not well known, without documents, but with a disposition hostile to the USA, and a veritable Dr. Death to his family and friends. For this we are worried 9afraid) for the USA and the world.


    • No; inYOUendo!

    • Why stretchy. Remember he voted present over 100 times so he does not get nailed for voting a direct yes or no vote. How convenient.

      • Also a Marxist expression of contempt for our democratic process. A step up from fellow disrupter Gerry Adams’ taking a salary from the British taxpayer but not showing up in Parliament at all, ever.

        BO knew he wouldn’t get away with not showing up. By the way in the Illinois State Senate he was known as “The Empty Suit.” He refused to participate in any activity, voting only to provide an extra three million for Moocher’s Hospital with subsequent rise in salary for the Made for Moocher job (discontinued now) and to murder babies born alive. This Man Without a Father made a special and unusual effort to vote to murder babies.

        And we’re surprised at this sociopathic Nazi’s antics in the White House?

    • Time marches on, your post of july, 2010 has had ample time to make a interested person ask; if you still have the opinion that Obama or His security troops played no part in the untimely demise of three or four of Obama’s circle of friends or known aquaintances. Just curious.

    • I challenge CNN, ABC, NBC, MSNBC or any of the elite media to open the first Presidential debate with this subject. Imagine the firestorm…

    • Even though Obama himself may not be capable of murder, and we don’t know that for sure, it doesn’t mean his “keepers” couldn’t take care of his past hangups that could affect his future monarchy.

  2. Th fraud better lookout! those skeletons keep coming out of the CLOSET!

  3. Dearest Eo,
    I am also studied in law and understand the principles of evidence. I do not Like Obama but I would not ordain to accuse him of such a foul deed. Ijust simply would not put it past him and I also know that timing is everything.

    Ron Baby.

    • Means, opportunity and definitely motive. No DNA in situ, of course – that’s been incinerated and unceremoniously thrown off a cliff in Hawaii (his mother and grandmother) and of course, few but the most depraved despots do their own dirty work.
      There was also the mysterious and timely assassination of the head of the Dem Party in Arkansas shortly before the Denver Dem Convention, a friend, ally and supporter of Hillary’s.

  4. Too coincidental for me…I’m sure “Dead Fish” was involved some way or another…

  5. wow,wonder if the poor ole’ lady will turn up dead in her bed

  6. it is a strong possibility she could end up dead,for she has been afraid to speak out for quite some time. She probably at this point doesn’t care. If it were my child regardless,I wouldn’t. This murder was reported only by Orly Taitz quite some time ago. No media would cover it,imagine that! MEdia Black Out,this has been going on for a couple of years now. They are all guilty. The end justifies the means. It is coming.

  7. Ron, nowhere did Eowyn say what you have said. She has simply set out facts and you, yourself, have come to the conclusion you previously stated which you seem to be fighting. Look at the timing, the facts, the relationship between the parties as set out above, why this has been attempted to be covered up, common sense, et al. ALL OF THESE THINGS ARE INDEED NOTEWORTHY, don’t you think? You indicate that there is a stretch here – but it is you who have made the stretch, notwithstanding the Wayne Madsen Report of July 19, 2010. Do you think there are no correlations here with regard to Obama?

  8. Me thinks Obama going to have to ditch the skeleton closet in favor of the skeleton warehouse.

    We can only hope.


  9. This is getting pathetic. I mean, I understand the whole birth-certificate thing. The Muslim thing. But guys, this is really going into lala-land. Are you that desperate?

    • So you’re calling an elderly black lady, 76-year-old Norma Jean Young, “desperate”? How racist of you.

      You, on the other hand, do not even have the ounce of common sense to figure out about the TIMING of the deaths of these 3 men — two were execution-style murder.

      • ROTFL! Because the woman happens to be black YOU call the Racist card? What are you going to say if it turns out Angryrat is black?

        This whole thing is so pathetically laughable… Got better things to do.

      • Davlildn Graoitbheerrtson

        I agree that angryrat’s comment is un-useful and of typical ad-hominem nature – smugly challenging the sanity of those making the claims rather than the circumstantial evidence of the claims themselves. I challenge angryrat’s sanity for not being able to connect the dots here. However, you really have to stop labeling everything as ‘racist’. There is absolutely no racism in that comment. Stupidity, yes. Suspicious intentions, definitely. Racism, absolutely not. It is the racist who sees racism everywhere. Nothing ruins a good, open debate like some fool tossing out the race card like a live hand grenade. Can a white person disagree with a black person without it being racist? Sheesh….

    • yeah you are a shill and a half.

    • The truth hurts. Everyone in Chicago knows Obama is a member of Man’s Country.

    • Fedupwithmorons

      You must be one of those realllllly useful idiots. How in your narrow mind equate someone calling Young “desperate” is “racial”? Pinhead, there is nothing racist about saying someone is desperate, no matter their color. You obviously have no concept as to what racist means, except some left wing indocrinator’s drool about what it is!

    • You’re calling a mother who has been desperately trying to get justice for her boy, at the risk of her own life … Pathetic & Desperate.

      You really are a ‘piece of work’!

    • Yes they are desperate. Simple common sense, if the President was a killer like they are claiming wouldn’t he have eliminated all of them by now? See how silly you people sound?

      • It’s an age-old principle called “Heads on a pike”: One or two “baddies” are executed and their head is put on a pole outside the castle walls as a warning to anyone who would even dream of crossing the King.

  10. Carmelo Junior

    Obama needs to Go, and is not Huckabee or Romney or Rubio or any male politician who can send him back to Chicago.

  11. I thought the name of the gay club was called ‘Man’s Country’, not ‘Down Low Club’.

    Gay or not gay, Obama is an assclown sociopath.

    • You need to re-read the post. Down Low Club is the name that Rev. Wright gave his “church’s” gay clique. The gay man’s club in Chicago is Man’s Country.

    • Yes, the gay club was called Men’s Country as reported by Madsen, but apparently the church-sheltered ‘club’ was something separate. Two different circles, related probably because some members of each likely moved in the activities of the other.

    • It is reported that the Down Low Gay Group was run by “Rev.” Wright out of his sleazy “church” in Chicago.

    • Yeah, cuz trying to give everyone health care is a true sign of a sociopath.

      • He most certainly is a sociopath because he sure ain’t spending his own money “to give everyone health care”. Sociopaths, er, socialists are always generous with other people’s money.

      • noneoftheabovein08

        What free HealthCare?
        Where’s your Obamacare card? Did you get a member ID? Group Number?
        There never was any ‘Free’ healthcare…only mandatory add ons that insurance companies had to comply with and a tax to Americans that do not have any insurance.

  12. angryrat, this is news to you? Most of us already knew about this back in 2008. The only real conspiracy is coming from the MSM who is in the tank for Obama and the negligence (intentional as it has come to light recently via Journolist) of disclosing this information.

  13. Oh ok Eo. I knew about Man’s Country but not that Rev. Wright had his own gay club. Thanx!

  14. What ever happened to Sinclair? why hasn’t he been killed? The timing is convenient but far from proving they were murdered by Obamaniks. I hope my differing opinion doesn’t get me banned (again). i remain polite and after all we are after an exchange of ideas and debates, no?

    • smerf,

      Thus far, the only person I’ve seen who’s raising the issue of Young, Bland, and Spencer were murdered by what you call “Obamaniks” is you. Please point to where I, or anyone on the Fellowship, said that? What Norma Jean Young wants is a real police investigation into her son’s execution-style murder — as do I.

      As for your new persona and the new e-address you acquired to get back on this blog, I can ban that too, just so you know. You are on my blog, and I do not provide a public forum for people who blaspheme against Jesus Christ, the second person of the Triune God, and for commenters who are just plain annoying. Work off your religious-spiritual angst somewhere else.

    • I find it rather weird that another demo politico who was opting for Prez had three individuals that were to testify against his political machine all wound up dead just days and hours before, two being shot and one in a car accident. I myself had first hand evidence that could have ruined his chances and asking my wife what she thought about my going to the police and she said yes I should if I can outrun a 38 slug. I kept my mouth shut for a time but months later imparted what I knew to four influential men that could keep him from running for a second term. This criminal was not nominated initially however, he stepped into JFK’s shoes after he had him assassinated. At this time I am using my given name, but at the time my name will appear on the ballot for a smaller and smarter government much as it was during the time of our founding fathers it will legally be the same as my ancestor Benjamin Franklin and my hopes are that the American people will go along with my plans to abort Obamma’s agenda to fill the highest seats in the land with homosexuals much as it was in Germany when homosexuals installed the Nazi party to initiate the Third Reich. I plan on using executive powers to erase all this ship of fools agenda to reshape us in their image. I will serve 4 years sans salary to achieve what America wants.

  15. I wanna hear the blagovic tapes in their entirety, but I know it won’t happen

  16. Eowyn, I thought the religious debate was stimulating and certainly opened my eyes, that’s what everyone is after, no? In any case I thought the topic was put to bed. I inferred from the article and postings is that murder was being implied. As far as my new persona goes, I want my old one back, I liked that avatar better, it was a confused concerned conundrum look.

  17. eo, thank you. You have a nice website. Good to have more like minded people. :o)

  18. Wow. This is just amazing.

    It just shows how desperate the far right is. Trotting out the ol’ assassination mythology, just as they did for Clinton.

    The intellectual level of the responses to angryrat just about says it all.

    Wow. Just….wow.

    • And how would you know it’s assassination “mythology”? Are you disputing Donald Young and Larry Bland both were murdered, execution style? Do you actually know who the killers are? If so, do be a good citizen and let the Chicago PD know!

      Judging by your e-address, your smugness and COMPLETE lack of empirical evidence are so typical of the “progressive” socialist intellectual class. Hmm, let me guess: You’re in English Lit or Ethnic Studies, right? Talk about mythology! LOL

    • I am skeptical about a lot of things however I do find this very interesting and don’t think it is too much of a stretch to think that perhaps there is a DLC/Mans Country club membership that has some very high profile member in the Chicago area. I used to hear about such things in Hollywood and was one day shocked to be approached by someone who I recognized as a MAJOR Hollywood star whose name has been quietly whispered about for years. But gay or bisexual is one thing, murder is something else. One is politically untouchable while the other is a violation against most laws of human behavior. I can believe part of the story without accepting the entire lot. Hey I live in New York now and there is a lot of bi sexuality going on at the highest levels. I will let others reveal this in the decades to come but for now most people would never believe some of the stories I hear whispered.


  20. Sooner or later the truth will come out,there’s to much corruption around Obama and the people he call’s his friends.One of them is going to screw up and then the skeletons will come out of the closet and justice will prevale.

    • I heard it was the best kept open secret in DC, that he is ineligible and a foreigner. Geez. I read recently that canada, australia, new zealand and other countries aren`t really independant but stil part of britain. they were sort of handed independance after the war so they could vote along ally lines and increase our voting power. this too is a well kept open secret at the Un. probably why these countries don`t make much noise, because everyone knows they aren`t really countries and someone may call them on it if they make a fuss.

  21. I have no idea what the point of this article is. Is it that there’s gay men in a church, gay men in a church who’s having sex with politicians, men that were ‘conveniently’ removed and then labeled as killed by ‘execution style’ with little evidence, or the allegations that Obama is bisexual? If anything, if Obama was bi, that’s great, he’ll be helpful to the pro-gay cause :)

    And what the hell is with the link to their death certificates. whoever wrote this, you’re sick. literally, please see a psychotherapist.
    -kendra <3

    • Gosh, kendra, you obviously have problems reading and deciphering the meaning of what you read. Since you are cognitively handicapped, I will translate the obvious to you:

      The point of this post is two-fold:

      1. It’s about the anguish and suffering of an elderly woman — the 76-year-old mother of Donald Young — who would like the Chicago PD, in which she had worked, to actually investigate her son’s execution-stye murder. But then I wouldn’t expect an Obamabot such as you to have empathy for an old black woman.

      2. That 3 men with whom Obama had associations — be it gay or bi or whatever — and all 3 died (2 murdered) just as Obama began his political ascent to the U.S. presidency is a most curious coincidental timing. What a koinkidink! But then, I wouldn’t expect anyone as cognitively challenged as you to comprehend the significance of timing.

      Please do something about your mental handicap. Perhaps vitamins would help?

  22. Eowyn, ouch!!

  23. It’s quite obvious Ron Emanual arranged for the hit men. He runs the Presidency
    while Obama has not been a President at all, but enjoying wntertainment such as golf, parties, still campaigning, & can only blame Pres. Bush for his short fallings & lack of any working job or experience.

    • Ayers is comfortable with violence. Rahm/Raheem Emmanuel seems a bit, er, effete to call out hits. Then again, you never know…he was reported as being in the israeli army, but who can believe anything. Looks more like a Berber – they’re still celebrating Saladin’s slaughter of the Crusaders…

      • What-Rahm effete? Surely not, he used to be a ballerina! Oh, umm, well,nevermind. I have the benefit of 8 months of additional info over your post, and I say, “Cherchez la femme”.


    • It’s been a known factor for a long time that the ‘jews’ or whatever you want to call the organized criminal cabal, has been trying to get people who go to mosques and pray and people who go to churches and pray to fight each other to the death in a big, epic arena event for *their* entertainment.

      Your comment ‘SUSAN’, stinks of a sayan.

      Most of these so-called extremist islam organizations are mossad in disguise. So fellow readers are not lost in your hasbara distraction, officers of ‘Israel’ have themselves admitted Hamas was started by them, and elsewhere it has been admitted that Hamas, to this day, has ‘Israel’ agents throughout.

      Hamas is one of many organizations formed to try to get the local population to fight militarily with the stupid criminals so the criminals in turn can attempt to justify to others their use of superior firepower and total lack of testicular fortitude to crush the remaining native populations. Goading them into a fight. Fortunately, most palestinians have read the protocols.

      • Back to the topic, I like the info presented on the article and the many accurate discussions. To my brothers out there, stop being dragged into a tired dog-and-pony show by someone who forgets where the caps-lock key is and tries to blow the topic with obvious tactics.

      • Horalius, the stupid gene runs real deep inside of you – you are right up there with the best of them I’ve ever read. Not a single thing you wrote makes sense, it’s beyond laughable and ignorant to the core. Even your last thought (“thought” may be too complimentary) is ridiculous. The Protocols have been proven to be a hoax, over and over, written by Russian policemen who were trying to stir up trouble. No point trying to convince you of that, and I don’t suppose you will do your own research.

        All in all, it’s the brain dead people such as yourself who are the root cause of so much anguish in the world. I know you can’t help yourself cause that’s who you are, but please, go get some shock therapy or something to stimulate that area which is supposed to contain a brain.

      • Just rember The HOLY BIBLE says” Those Who Bless Israel I will Bless, Those Who Curse Israel I Wll Curse.

      • HMMM! Horalouse;
        3 and 6 are factors of 18 or maybe your mamas genes and you papas genes factored together produced an idiot chile that don’t know de difference tween fact and factor ans speshuilly don’t know dose peeples in de Mosques are out to kill you if you don’t go to de mosque as well. Don’t beleeve me, read de Quaran and it’ll tell you you is a infidell and don’t deserve to live. Actually, horny I am quite well versed in the Kings English, but I surmise that you are not so I communicate with you in a nader form that is more to your level of understanding, have a good day dummy and remember the Jews are God’s chosen people and our closest allies and what is this “Sayan” bit, the only reference is the Sayan Mountains in the former soviet union. You say the Palestinians have all read the documents prepared for peace, (protocol) then why don’t they adhere to them and make peace with the rest of the world, is it because Hamas won’t let them as they are under Sharia Law and will be killed if they attempt peace. Boy are you either very uniformed or just plain stupid. Anyway, once again I will try to leave you to your testicular fortitude to crush out your spent joint of whatever it is you are smoking.

  25. Susan,you are right. This is only a drop in the bucket.

  26. Hi Joan,
    Sorry I took so long to get back. I’ve been on a sabbatical. Left town for a couple of days.
    Obama—I think there might have been a little misunderstanding on my part and because you have that marvelous legal mind you would most likely be a sharper thinker than me.
    I do believe Obama capable of just about any foul deed imaginable. I also see the connection between him and the dead guys. I was saying that circumstances are not generally enough evidence for me to make a decision. However, I do believe the bstrd capable of murder, and every kind of evil out there.

    Please don’t be too hard on me…I have a very skeptical thought process. I have a tendency toward not wanting to believe the bstrd is truly a bstrd.

    Forgive me???


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  28. Why would he be any different than the Kenndys killing people who got in their way

  29. You are right? Remember Marilyn Monroe? The old woman will probably end up dead too. There isn’t anything that this man wouldn’t do he is an arrogant ass and I wouldn’t put anything past him

  30. if I am not mistaken..Nate Spencer died of because of HIV complications and Larry Bland was murdered because of meeting someone from a gay website, even his own mother said he had guys coming in and out of his place at all times of the night that he met from the chat line.

    I don’t know about Young, that is one I would just leave alone, all speculations with no concrete proof.

    • You dismiss my post as “all speculations with no concrete proof.” But then, you began your comment with the caveat “If I am not mistaken,” which itself is an admission you have no concrete proof.

      Kenny, why don’t you bring your scrupulous demand for “concrete proof” to the Chicago PD or the Chicago Sun Times instead of harassing a blog for bringing all this to the American people’s attention? Afterall, unpaid bloggers are neither police detectives nor investigative reporters. You are asking citizen bloggers to do the job of police and journalists. Now why would you do a thing like that, um?

    • “…all speculations with no concrete proof.”

      Are you talking about Barry?

  31. Eo,
    Why didn’t I take my classes from you so I could learn to become a little better at critical thinking. You always come up with those logical conclusions while I always come up with the emotional ones.
    I just want to get the bum and throw him in a jail cell and throw away the key.


    • Ron,

      I’m merely better at sheathing my roiling emotions with the cloak of logic. As Steve once described me: I use words as a knife to cut trolls into a thousand thin slices. ;)

  32. I love it…I am very mellow now but I used to do that when I was younger with either my fists or just a gun. Both were quite effective.

  33. I bet the separate “birthday” vacations is so Barry can get some.

    Would the left ever win if they were not frauds and liars?

  34. I have had enough and am seeking one SERIOUS like-minded ally to assist with uncovering the TRUTH about Obama, his background, his associations, and his behavior as president.

    Desired research:
    1. Uncover the truth about Obama’s birth by visiting Kenya to question his family there
    2. Expose Obama’s cousins in Africa who are involved in war, genocide and mass killings
    3. Research Hawaiian records for fraudulency and find out who created those fraudulent documents
    4. Find and question his childhood friends and teachers about how he practiced Islam with his stepfather
    5. Promote knowledge to the American public about his racist, extremist, and anti-christian quotes, remarks and ideals
    6. Question Larry Sinclair about Obama’s alleged cocaine use, gay affairs, and murder of his gay lovers at his Chicago church
    7. Audit spending by the first family since they have been in the White House include luxury vacations, donations and writeoffs
    8. Find out about his pro-black church and racist preachers and friends of his in Chicago
    9. Research any activity at all with any of his family or friends and the “Nation of Islam” extremist group
    10. Examine how donations and charities funneled into pro-black charities or were embezzled for other uses
    11. Take an in-depth look at his law-making and policies since he has been president
    12. Examine possible impeachment proceedings to be brought against Obama

    I am a Christian, non-smoker, non-drinker, non-drug using, straight, ex-military, college educated person who is outraged at what our country has become. I am sure, after reading countless postings by other Americans, that many of you feel the way I do. If you are able-minded and able-bodied and would like to dedicate some time and effort to exposing many, many wrongdoings in our country, or assist with donations in our research, please email me at vigilante911 @

    • A.C.,

      Bless your noble heart! Some of the questions you listed have already been answered and posted here on the Fellowship. Take a look at our Page, “The Obama Chronicles.” A few remain unanswered. I suggest that you might consider starting a blog on precisely those questions you’ve listed, and finding answers for them.

      If you think that’s a good idea, please e-mail at

    • I’ve mentioned this before, the Kenyan birth may or may not be to distract from the real birth origin being somewhere in British Columbia, Canada, probably Vancouver. This is a well known rumor in Canada. His mother allegedly crossed into British Columbia, Canada prior to the birth for delivery. Like I said, someone should look into this. The Canadian MSM actually reported on this, I’m surprised noone else is aware of this.

      • This is probably where his socialist views come from, the president of the United States is actually Canadian. Makes the North American union much easier to accomplish. American and Canadian union I’m not too worried about as we are very similar people in many regards, it’s the Mexicans that scare me. Probably for the same reasons the EU wants to keep Turkey from joining….they’d suck as dry and import their crime and corruption.

        • One simple google input yielded this it, took 3 seconds. Imagine what you would find if you looked harder.

          • micro,

            When you first mentioned Obama might have been born in Vancouver, Canada, I did do a Google search and found the same article you’re recommending here. It’s intriguing. Wish there’s a way to verify this. I wonder if any PI had asked for records of Stanley Ann Dunham’s travels to Canada in 1961? Some conservative individual or organization definitely should look into this. Unless, of course, the Sociopath’s tentacles have reached even the Canadian govt….

        • His Dunham grandparents were Kansan communists who moved to Hawaii as it was allegedly more left friendly. They sent Ann to a school on an island in WA, which school was built for children of communists. In Hawaii they befriended Frank Marshall Davis and his disinherited socialite wife, also communists with a mission to corrupt youth. I have read from different sources how they held orgies attended by Hawaiian teenagers. Davis wrote about seducing a 13 year young white girl, and his pornographic archives include a very young Ann Dunham, posing nude except for fetish style shoes. There is some speculation (with Special Agent BOzo there are always more questions than answers) that Davis “procured” her for Malcolm X, bringing her to NY to attend his speech at the UN and that BO is the offspring of X/Shabazz. The similarity between him and X is far stronger than that between him and Davis, or even Obama Snr. In fact, they could be “twins.” That could explain his grooming as the Manchurian Commie caliph of the US. Remake of Manchurian 2005 – good black guy, bad white guy. 2006 Time magazine posts his face on the cover page: “This man could be (will be) America’s next President…” 2006 an attempt on the life on a Pro Life GOP Campaigner in “Obama country…” Police witness and intervene; no arrests, no prosecution , no investigation. Instigator a “co-ordinator for the NY Board of Elections” – can be implicated in three felony attempted murders, human and civil rights violations, and the mysterious death of a woman in a local hospital. As long as the Feds are controlled by an Obama appointee I don’t hold out for justice. One of Hilary’s friends shot by an assassin, in turn shot by another assassin. No trial, no evidence, no trail. Another of her friends was seriously injured after a car sideswiped her – this in the month preceding the selection of delegates.

          We shouldn’t have to do this. The media is compromised, but why are the Feds silent?

      • I’ve heard this argument of his being actually Canadian before. It makes perfect sense since his mother was registered for classes at Univ of Washington within weeks after his birth. The fact that the Dunham family was still friends who resided on Mercer Island makes the claim that she left the US to have her illegitimate son completely plausible. This was 1961 and Obama’s grandparents were in upper middle class society in Hawaii. They wouldn’t want their unmarried daughter to have an illegitimate child in the public eye. Also, the evidence that the Obamas resided in Hawaii as a married couple doesn’t pan out. The residents of the house next door to the Obamas’ house, who have resided there since before 1961, never saw the Obamas live there, as released in an affadavit.

  35. When he has been given the charge of nation’s ‘tryst with destiny’, let us see what he is and will be doing for all. Unnecessary controversy on his true or false past will dater him to love his work, thus loss for all. Let the law to take care of any illegal thing and not media or u or me. let him work.

  36. His place of birth is irrelevant, because his parent’s marriage was invalid. His father was still married to a previous wife, so Barack was born out of wedlock. According to Section 301(g) of the Immigration & Naturalization Act, a Child born out of wedlock to a U.S. citizen mother acquires citizenship if the mother was a U.S. citizen at the time of the Child’s birth, and if the mother had previously been physically present in the U.S., or one of its outlying possessions for a continuous period of one year.

    So he could been born anywhere on the planet or off, and still would be a U.S. Citizen and as eligible as John McCain to be president. You can give up the birther argument now, that dog won’t hunt.

    • Aren’t you referring to a document that is for IMMIGRANTS? Are you saying that Obama was in fact an immigrant, and thus is subject to the I&N Act? During the congressional resolution debate, Obama offered a resolution that allowed mothers to be the sole conferrer of citizen eligibility. Then his website began referring to him as a NATIVE American, not a natural-born citizen.

      Talk about timing and coincidences.


    • If he isn’t an American citizen, he cannot be charged with treason, but may be executed as an enemy agent, if proven to be just that. Better he step down for “health” reasons and move back to his bosses in saudi arabia.


  39. It has taken awhile and it might take quite a while longer but know this: Larry Sinclair will be vindicated.

    He was telling the truth way back before the 2008 Presidential election and he is telling the truth now. Few people on this planet have the guts and the backbone Larry Sinclair has. The odds against him are great but Larry’s spirit is greater. Larry, in any battle I would be honored to have you on my side….

    • Larry may be alive because he courageously came out and spoke publicly, so that any untimely demise would be immediately suspect.

  40. To Edmund Stein; The Constitution says for qualifications for President “natural born citizen of the United States ,or a citizen of the United States at the time of adoption of the Constitution. This has been interpreted and understood for generations as a person born only within the United States, however allowing foreign born naturalized citizens alive at the time the Constitution was adopted also requiring them to have resided within the United States at least 14 years. So you are in error sir. A candidate for President could not be born anywhere as you assert and be qualified. The INS regulations only apply to requirements for citizenship of the United States not requirements for being US President. Notice the Constitution inserts the word natural born in the qualifications for being President. No such words are inserted in the requirements for being Senator, it simply says United States Citizen.

  41. I would like to add my 2cents. It may be hard to believe that Obama is a Bi-Sexual Murder. Let me remind people of Obama’s back ground. In his formative years he was “mentored” by a self proclaimed amoral, predatory, bisexual pedophile, Frank M Davis. I can’t imagine what young Barry went through in the time spent with Uncle Frank, but it might also have something to do with his aversion to birthdays. Since he doesn’t celebrate his kids and his wife leaves the country on his.

  42. The Globe and WMR, huh? i won’t be convinced until the National Enquirer weighs in on the matter… keep up the good work, simple-minded dip$hits…

    [The rest of bob's comment has been deleted because he was blasphemous, thereby demonstrating once again that the Left's real problem is their rage against the Triune God.] –Admin

    • bob, you poor fella, your comment simply demonstrates your abysmal ignorance. Or don’t you know that it took a supermarket tabloid, the National Enquirer, to expose and report the adultery and “love child” of former Dem prez candidate and senator John Edwards? For the Enquirer‘s excellent reporting, it has been nominated for none other than a Pulitzer.

      Instead of sneeringly dismissing The Globe and WMR, why don’t you ask the MainStreamMedia to investigate and debunk this? Any reporter that could do so would make an instant name for him/herself! Now why won’t they do that? Um?

      Lastly, only those with no substantive argument and poor command of the English language resort to vulgar insults like “Dipshit.” You are a piece of human excrement and I respectfully ask that you kindly go fornicate yourself.


  43. This article screams of SLANDER AND DEFAMATION. While I am not a supporter of Obama or any politician… as all politicians are LIARS, I do not condone writing lengthy articles with accusation after accusation on a person without the least bit of proof anything written is true. Homosexuals have occupied the presidency of america MANY TIMES, so there is no news there just check the presidential history; but attaching claims of murdering peopleto keep secrets is too far flung. Also the continue bashing of Trinity baptist Church and/or Reverend Wright neither of whom have anything to do with Obama only shows this blog is full of SHIT and a continued orchestrated campaign of deceit by those who have an agenda.

    Sadly this elderly woman playing into the game of BLAME OBAMA, should have been more concerned with her son being an open homosexual with the threat of DEATH FROM AIDS BEING THE NUMBER ONE KILLER OF GAY MEN. Also I wold like to see a police report of the murders of Black gay men in Chicago due to drug activity, disease, criminal activity as well as unsolved murders. I would be willing to be the murder rate is extremely high… should Obama be blamed for those as well?????

    • Chuck,

      You violated this blog’s rules by using vulgarities; it also demonstrates your paucity of vocabulary. Since you first hurled the insult, I will send it back to you, but with a better command of the English language: You are full of human excrement.

      You are also severely challenged in the matter of grey cells ’cause you can’t make the distinction between Fellowship of the Minds posting the claims made by murdered Donald Young’s elderly mother in Globe and the reporting of investigative journalist Wayne Madsen.

      If you somehow know the truth, do please give us your source(s). At the very least, you should be a good citizen and report what you know to the Chicago PD! Or don’t you care about relieving the suffering of a 76-year-old heartbroken mother?

      • I am about a year behind on all of this breaking news and I am in a quandary concerning your statement that Chuck demonstrates his paucity of vocabulary. Wouldn’t that indicate his being a man of few words which he is not, he verbalizes in abundance, but just not in an intelligent manner of utilization of the Kings English, a rather stupid fellow in my opinion, we must pardon him for having excrement in place of gray matter, he is one of those unfortunates that spent most of his classes in the boys bathroom shall we say contemplating his navel although we know what the people of a bygone era claimed caused stupidity of an action behind the barn and i don’t mean smoking corn silk. He tells us to let Obama work, at what a fourth Reich of homosexuals as was those who formed the Nazi party and the third Reich in Germany. Gotta go, almost time for church. Keep on keeping on my friend.

        The next President of the United States of America for a smaller and smarter government upon legal confirmation of name change to that of my ancestor, Benjamin Franklin ESQ.

    • Idiots abound. How do any of the numerous murders and deaths you speak of have anything to do the timing of those involved with the church and the Rev. which O went to religiously for 20 years. Did you open your mind and your brains fell out? Good grief the stupidity of some people just amazes me. Let’s not see the reality of the obvious here! Wake up people!

  44. I continue to hear evil things about Obama, but no one has the evidence (including the question of citizenship). I just wish someone would step forward & present something that is proof of fraud before his term of office is up.

    • DOUG VOGT – a document imaging expert – filed a 22-page criminal complaint with the FBI – charges that individuals with the Hawaii Dept of Health, Obama operatives and an unidentified graphic artist, participated in a multi-state conspiracy to create a forged and fraudulent long-form birth certificate for Barack Obama.

    • Joe Arpaio, Orly Taitz, and others have come forward with documents, challenges, personal testimony, etc., all willing to be tried and tested in the public arena, but are completely shut out and blanked by the DAs, AG and Left Scream Media.

      I can personally testify to assault by obamanuts in uniform and in the employ of NY State, but have been given such a contemptuous run around by the DA’s office, Mayor Bloombergs flunkies, and such that I am now living outside the USA. I was a GOP Foreign Relations and Pro Life Team leader, bad enough, but I was on Move’s half mile…

      I also took calls during the campaign from voters harassed and bullied by the Usurper’s thugs. Did the media cover that? No.

      As for citizenship, there is NO VALID EVIDENCE THAT HE IS NOW OR EVER WAS, a Citizen of the United States of America. The onus is not on us to prove that he isn’t – it’s on him to prove that he is.

      Obviously the Dimwatt party agrees -Pelosi had to sign off on BO’s eligibility because every other Demrat refused.

      • Steve, I know it’s “been said before” – because I was one of the first to say it!
        I don’t need sympathy. I just need justice. I bring up that criminal conduct by the obamanuts and the criminal negligence of the legal authorities for two reasons:
        1. To give weight and credence to other witnesses who have also been silenced and,
        2. To warn the conservative community that you don’t have to be a big player to be a target.

        New comments come into my mailbox and I respond to them. If you don’t need my support then find a way to stop forwarding new comments and I’ll make sure boxes aren’t ticked.

        Nice while it lasted.

        • bard,

          FOTM has thousands of posts and threads other than this one. As Steve said, we’ve addressed many, if not all, of the points you’d brought up on this thread. This thread has over 400 comments. How about if you go and comment on another post/thread? You might also check out our “The Obama Chronicles” page at the top of the site.

  45. The governments around the world are run by sociopaths who vowed to satan they would clear a path for him..

  46. The days of honest investigations are past. It really is quite incredible what’s happening these days. A fiction writer would not even cross these lines. But it’s all true. Sad indeed.

  47. Anyone who would doubt this as even a POSSIBILITY needs serious deprogramming and probably medication as well. Can you imagine the ENORMOUS amount of money involved with the elections? Billions and billions of dollars move from one party’s members to the members of the newly elected party. Reason enough to cover up backgrounds, engage in backroom deals, murder, corruption, lying, stealing, bribery…..there is no limit to what some people will not do for such power and HUGE amounts of money. Think Barry and the democrats are immune? Hardly.

    • Keep in mind that Illinois was on the verge of bankruptcy, and that the city of Chicago had the highest tax rate in the nation at the time of Obama’s run for the democratic nomination. Someone from ILL had to be in higher levels of government (POTUS, VP, cabinet member, etc.) for IL to be guaranteed federal financing for two reasons: money and to keep the Dems in charge of Chicago.

      Rumor was that it was actually Gov. Blagojevich was supposed to be the IL front-runner, but then Rezko was being investigated by the FBI and Blago was too obviously corrupt and connected, while Obama was involved his connection was harder to connect. I suspect this is what the tapes would really reveal.

      • Jesse Jackson, Jr. is the one who tipped off he feds – about the sale of obama’s US Senate seat for Illinois. The Jacksons had a problem with the $1.5 Million “fee”.

        Having US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald tip off Rahm Emmanuel about everyone’s phones being wire-tapped – that resulted in only Blagojevich being arrested –
        is as outrageous as Fitzgerald as the prosecutor in Blago’s corruption trial – obstructng testimony at trial – from Rahm Emmanuel, Valerie Jarret, David Axelrod,
        and obstructing Blago from having them as witnesses.

        On the day that Blagojevich was indicted and arrested, only subpoenas were served at the White House – to Valerie Jarret, Rahm Emmanuel, David Axelrod – for “questioning” – thanks to the good work of US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald.

        Check out Fitzgerald’s background on the internet – and his abuse of power –
        as well as Fitzgerald being promoted – as soon as Obama hi-jacked the White House…….

        I guess Obama gave one of his “ethics waivers” – to US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald – for his gross conflict of interests – acquiring a promotion – under the Obama Administration – while Fitzgerald is the prosecutor for the corrupt machinations in the sale of Obama’s former US Senate seat.

  48. Why aren’t any of the “talking heads”–Hannity, O’Reilly, et al., investigating these allegations?

  49. obama is a lying murderous MASON
    they are run by the BRITISH
    and I have no doubt they killed those “guys”

    and the mass media has literally TONS of blood on their hands

    • And before returning to the “Uncle Frank” who turned his mother into a teen porno pin up, he spent early childhood in an Indonesian madrassa; five year old child, mulatto American, English speaker, put into a moslem madrassa where anything goes, and children are subject to treatment that the military are not allowed to use in Gitmo. His mother moves in with indonesian moslem Lolo Soetero – another adjustment. His name is then changed. Fast forward to the USA where he cannot be heard speaking fluent indonesian or arabic, his whole life is a carefully constructed lie…enough for an entire psychiatric convention. As a teenage scion of America’s left, and a moslem, he is courted by the sauds, by the Black Moslems, by Qaddafi, and the great mixed hope of global islam. Fractionated, dissociative, narcissistic or sociopathic personality must inevitably ensue.

      Plausible? As Stalin said – make the lie big enough and they will all believe it!

  50. People who see themselves as elites control world, some of whom are false Jews. http://www.iamthewitness. Wake up! They are destroying the earth. Resist their plans. Obama controlled by bad people. Americans have no power to elect leaders. Americans taught false history. Christ is hated by the elite. Morals of America deliberately lowered. Time of destruction ahead. Great opportunity to destroy these fleas biting us and rebuild in our Western Image, a great balanced civilzation

  51. Rumors, allegations, fears, innuendos, accusations without evidence are not proof of anything.

  52. eo is an idiot, bye

    • Folks, please join me in waving a fond “adios” to little Jimmy as he slinks back to his dank room in his mother’s basement.

      To Law Enforcement:

      You might want to dig up the floor of the basement ’cause little Jimmy may be a serial killer. His e-address begins with buzzsawbkilla@….

    • My name is Ed and I’m an Idiot.
      I feel better now that I’ve gotten that off my chest…Like coming out of the closet.

  53. Exactly Steve, why dont they investigate it? Have the y been told to
    leave it alone? Lord knows.

    • I’m not making excuses for them but ultimately the editors, producers and corpo heads call the shots. You can submit a good, viable story, only to have it spiked, and with Waleed bin al taleel buying into Newscorps and bankster owned Britain nobbling Murdoch via “Lawfare” they’re all walking on eggshells.
      O’Reilly is an independent, not a conservative.

      And then, there are those who having access to the facts are scared out of their wits.

  54. George Matthews

    This stuff is nothing. Bill Clinton had nine personal bodyguards killed. He was a draft dodger. He raped two women. He fathered a child with a Black prostitute. He screwed prostitutes on a regular basis when Governor. He had a 12 year affair. Why didn’t the liberal media tell us about this stuff?

    • George, They rewarded him, by making him President. Even more serious are the many books written by NY Times reporter Bill Gertz, which exposes Clintons selling of our defense secrets to the Chinese, giving them a parity with us on technology. Fact: Missing information at Los Alamos… and like the law records of Mrs. Clinton later found behind the safe…oops… Wen Ho Li.. remeber him? Not guilty… We are going down the toilet at an alarming rate

  55. IsAnyoneOutThere

    Obama is a Martian stooge. Obama does what he is told or he will be shot. Anyone that thinks otherwise is a deluded fool. Blacks think Obama is for them, what a laugh. Americans have lost control of their own nation. Soon the Americans will be on their knees. We deserve this because we have embraced the filthy Martian culture and turned our backs on God, high morals, truth, love and faithfulness to our cutlure and people. We have allowed our nation to be invaded, dissected, polluted, destroyed and materialized. If you have any values, you know what I am talking about. This debate about Obama is a waste of time. The puppet masters are the false Martians. Wake up dumb ass!

  56. bob,

    Please remind us “simple minded” types just what it as that is so enlightening, progressive, and intelligent about communism?

    Government-educated myrmidons who support government slavery (people like you) are the true simple-minded among us.


  57. In the Bible Jesus teaches that Homosexuality will not enter into the gates of Heaven…
    What ever people seem to believe, is their own choice… I have seen many things happen in many incentives. Yet, all I can do is pray for them… In James 1: you can read as to what Jesus expects from all His followers; (that is if you want your life to be put in order) The choice is laid out in the Blood of Jesus Christ… Yes, He died on the Cross for the Remission of all our sins. And if we accept and serve only Him, the Gates of Heaven will be opened… Amen!
    If we decide to turn our backs to serve Satan, then all sort’s of bad things will always display as to what most people go through each and everyday of their lives…
    Remember, regardless who we are, we all have a choice to make on a daily level… Amen!
    Jimmy Vou

  58. Any *credible* sources for all claims and implications made in this article?

    • Fellowship is a humble little blog of unpaid volunteers. Why don’t you send your question to all the highly-paid journalists-propagandists of the Main Stream Media instead?

  59. You all really believe most of this hysteria dont you ? Most of you are clinically insane & will be studied by Psychologists for years.Seriously,prime time case studies for generations.

    • Hey, Joe! You do know that by resorting to namecalling without any substantive arguments, you immediately telegraph that you’re a loser. Poor baby. I sure hope your Obama Kool-aid at least tasted good as you gulped it down!

      Cheers! :D

      • The more I read about Obama, the more I think the Obama Kool-aid may be a white and creamy substance. The Man’s Country?? No wonder he and Rahm spend so much time together in Chicago.

        Must go throw up now, thanks!

  60. howdy Folk’s

    Seems to be a little confusion on the OBAMA elegibility (birther) issue! Specifically the Definition of a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN(NBC); born on USA soil of citizen parents( PLURAL, meaning 2 or both parents). Obama even if born in 1961 HAWAII does not conform to the higher NBC constitutional standard for POTUS! His father was never a USA citizen! at best he is a mere 14th amendment citizen. In fact Sen John McCAIN does not meet the NBC standard either as he was born in PANAMA CZ! the definition of NBC is from VATTEL’s law of NATIONS (used to draft our constitution) . US CONSTITUTION art.2 sec.1 states: ” No person except a Natural Born Citizen, OR A Citizen at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that office, who shall not have attained the age of 35 years and been 14 years a resident of the United States.” there is a clear distinction between a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN & a CITIZEN(14th amendment). the reason for this being there were no NATURAL BORN CITIZENS old enough to hold the POTUS office in 1783! so a mere CITIZEN was eligable for a period of time! at least 5 SCOTUS cases use VATTEL’s definition of NBC!

  61. It takes a disgusting mind to write about such disgusting garbage. Anybody can go around claiming anything they want to however outlandish it may be. This reminds me of those misguided mentals who go in to police stations to confess to crimes they didn’t commit because they want to be noticed. Actually it reminds me more of a group of people who are trying their best to start rumors and spread lies because they hate someone. Don’t you think that if there were a shred of truth to this that it would have ended Obama’s career a long time ago? Use some common sense and quit grasping at straws because it only makes you look like a loser with a capital L. Be careful you don’t fall into the trap Sarah Palin has done to her reputation by over-tweeting and blabbing too much. People don’t believe her anymore either.

    • “It takes a disgusting mind to write about such disgusting garbage.”
      So you’re calling the mother of Donald Young, a 76-year-old broken-hearted black old lady, “a disgusting mind”? Have you neither heart nor shame? And you have the gall to lecture us?

    • People don’t believe Sarah Palin anymore, either? Huh? Since when? Do you have some kind of poll to demonstrate this? Actually, if you knew anything about Sarah Palin — which you don’t — you’d know that her credibility is fine. However, what spiteful and envious “journalists” say about her is another matter. You act like you’ve never seen the media lie about people and stick to it before, which means either you’re ignorant, or you’re below the drinking age.

  62. It is time that the USA wakes up.
    There has been so many things wrong with BHO that he should be
    jailed for all his wrong doing.
    My family was here at the start of our country.
    I don’t want to see it die. If this man keep going we are doomed.In the south after the Civil-War this type of man would have been called a”Carpet bagger”
    Wake up people!!!

  63. Hello, an interesting, if not at times strangely answered debate this one. As human beings go, we are a strange and diverse lot, each with their own opinions and sometimes, axes to grind. IMHO, being part of the general populace around the globe, we will never have the whole truth revealed to us by those in power and the faceless people “behind” the puppets ( the puppets being the prime ministers, presidents etc) will keep it that way because THEY are the real power brokers. In the UK, Tony Blair was known as “Teflon Coated” because nothing stuck and this was due to an army of media people, press and public relations consultants, lawyers etc all working on his behalf, to keep any hint of unsavoury-ness or scandal at bay. Fortunately there are a few old news hounds who can’t be bought or shut up and they expose these inconsistencies and lies. USA folk, remember, here in the UK we have the unsolved riddle of the death of Dr David Kelly (Iraq war arms expert and his opinions of the WMD that consequently were never found) and his supposed suicide ( MI5/6 anybody???) Just like Diana whose death was shot through with political involvement right up to the royal family!!! So, my dear cousins across the sea, keep your eyes and ears open and READ BETWEEN THE LINES…specially when fed political propaganda! IMHO, politics could be a clean business if the right people entered with the right motives, however, it is impossible to please everyone as we are all individuals and as the saying goes…”power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely” and unfortunately around the globe the masses have seen this too often.

  64. Thank you for this interesting article. I had read all the disgusting truths about obummer’s true criminal nature. But, I had not learned that the poor murdered choir directors OWN MOTHER believes barry boy is responsible for his death, and she worked for the CPD!

    Great blog you have. Don’t let the kooky kool aid guzzlers get you down, but I’m sure you don’t, cause I love your wonderful retorts to the deluded lefties!

  65. Elizabeth Imbasciati

    Why wasn’t this printed in Star or some of the other scandal sheets? If proved. this is our salvation from the would be dictator!

  66. Elizabeth Imbasciati

    If this could be proven true, why wasn’t it published in MSM or Star or something like that? If it is true looks like our problem with Obama is over.

  67. So a tabloid is considered a viable news source now…Also Wayne Madsen is a man who believes the Bush administration had a hand in 911,the bombing of the U.S.S Cole was made by the Israelis and he believes the Jewish people are trying to destroy the world. Oh his grandmother was a Danish communist party official so by your logic if his family has communism in the family tree he must be one too…Yes I can see why you would believe this haha

    • Hello, George,

      You’re employing the standard tactic of the Left — attack the messenger with defamatory innuendos. You’re also just plain ignorant and an elitist. None other than a supermarket tabloid, The National Enquirer, broke the story that the liberal MSM refused to cover — former senator and VP candidate John Edward’s adulterous affair and “love child” with Rielle Hunter. For that, the Enquirer has been nominated for a Pulitzer.

      So go ahead and slime The Globe and investigative reporter Wayne Madsen! Of course, in so doing you are also sliming, defaming, and mocking an elderly 76-year-old black woman — the mother of slain Donald Young — who is the source for both The Globe and Madsen.

      Way to go, George the Satanist, whose e-mail address begins with geogre666@. We know which master you serve.

  68. Brrrr. I wouldn’t be surprised if the mosques as well are used for gay match fixing. In Arabia you can watch to see how fallen the so called Muslims are. That gulf area is just one huge
    infestation of ‘man boy’ love. And they dare talk about Islam. Dave are you there ?

  69. As a mother myself i would certainly want to know what happened to my child, but you people are so full of crap…Unbelievable, you actually believe this garbage…I voted and campained for John McCain and still have my hat and buttons. My president is Barack Obama and no other, and i will vote for him again. I wish i could sue you for the lies you are telling. Shame on you! i like him…President Obama is a decent man and loves his family…shame, shame, shame. From a former Republican

    • So you are calling a 76-year-old black MOTHER a liar? Shame on you!!!

    • Another Kool-aid drinker.. sickening how easy they are to turn out!

    • So, wait a second. You campaigned and voted for McLame yet obama is ‘your President and you will vote for him again’? ‘again’.
      That indicates to me you voted for him the first time.
      Look lady, you’re a complete idiot. Lemme give you some advice: Don’t enter into a life of crime – you’re too stupid to be corrupt.

      • Lance, the woman must have “Stockholm Syndrome.” I’ve campaigned for three pro Life Presidential candidates, and could not imagine the abuses that were inflicted on McCain campaigners by the Occupier in chief’s black moslem thugs. Hillary campaigners were also shocked by the conduct of Bo’s thugs. There were crossovers from Hillary to McCain, but none from McCain to BO.

  70. so many missing pieces to this puzzle that the sheeple don’t want to look at. look at frank davis, mentioned in obama’a memoirs as the most influential person in his life – gay communist pedophile in HI. Obama didn’t go to columbia, that’s a front. he went to one of those secret private schools after his gay fling with Hasan Shandu. obama meets the profile of a monarch mind control govt asset. sorry if that makes u turn your head in astonishment but there were several trails, costly trials of victims that u will not bother with because it rattle your weak paradigm of life. so live a lie, die in it too. humanity is doomes because it lives in lies and scarcity that cancers the planet. u people that cannot see the truth have no allies here, or anywhere in the cosmos. u are expendable slaves that are outdated by coming clone technology and robotics. sorry if the truth hurts, but u put yourself there.

  71. John ‘RINO’ McCain came out and said-the”Fraud” panders to gays. Where have you been John? The ‘Fraud” is one himself,it is the “Moral Decay” all part of his plan.

    • In the cold war the Brits were betrayed by members of a homosexual club called the Cambridge Apostles, Philby, Blunt, etc.
      Laws criminalising homosexuality were changed around that time, as it made politicians vulnerable to blackmail.
      “Public ” schools, ie, elite private schools, also started to open their doors to girls, to offset the bullying, submission domination character of life inside the all male elitist hot houses into which well to do Brits deposited their eight year old sons.
      What do the Sauds have on obama?

  72. obama is big time gay,just check the facts,he pounds sand just like charlie crist from fl.obama hung out with hard core bombers,gays,communist,and other community leaders alike.

  73. debra,obama is a a s s pounding true homo,just research the facts,it’s ok,but just tell the truth,he is a fraud.

  74. Wait, so you’re calling a black, 49-year-old FATHER of two a homosexual, drug-using accomplice to murder? The GALL! How DARE you!

    • Don’t they have schools where you live in California? No, stupid. Read the post.

      It’s a 76-year-old BLACK woman who’s calling a 49-year-old BI-RACIAL man, etc., etc.

    • Tedler, what difference does it make that he’s a black, 49-year-old father of two? There are plenty of father’s who are gay/bi-sexual, and plenty of black/bi-racial men and women who are gay and bi-sexual. And there are plenty who are drug-users and murderers. There are also plenty of people belonging to those groups from every race and every age. What difference does that even make?

    • You wait dummy, Obama is not black as you would think, he is part white and part raghead and unlike most blacks here in the U.S. he is not a descendant of slaves but rather a descendant of the slavers that sold your forefathers into slavery. He also funded his uncle and cousin in their unholy travesty and slaughter of innocent Christians when they burned the churches with the people in them. This follower of Satan you would sanction? The Lord admonishes us not to call another a fool, but I believe in this instance I would be forgiven in my vilification of one such as you. Obama is a proven homosexual that likes not just young men, but any man that will submit to him. Why does he not celebrate Michelle’s daughters birthdays if in fact they are of his loins or could it be that she has had lovers as well as he of true masculine traits that are their real unsung fathers??? Oh so many secrets that need to be brought to light. I will now take my leave of you foolish one as now you have a little red horned devil on one shoulder and a winged white angel on the other shoulder whispering in your ears, which one will you believe? Geed night.

  75. Charles Pepperoni

    I think Obama killed all three men personally, just like O.J. I think I saw this is an episode of Matlock. Is there any evidence of sexual assault on the victims bodies? I feel like someone as depraved as Obama would have raped them after he shot them. I bet if the Chicago PD collected semen samples we would have Obama dead to rights!!!!!!!

    • Charles, he’s too cold and dispassionate – except when he kicks the door in. He wouldn’t sully his effeminate hands with direct action. Watch his reaction to the alleged take down of Osama. Cold, unreactive, even though Osama is a fellow moslem and moslems aren’t supposed to kill other moslems. Well, we’ve heard that one before.
      Besides if Sinclair is credible, and other sources bear this out, Obama’s inclinations are passive – backseat of a limousine while a white man “serves” him Lewinsky style.
      It’s absolutely horrible to think that I am writing in this way about a man occupying the Oval Office of the United States of America. And yet, where’s the good in this man?

  76. Charles Pepperoni

    Are you sure there wasn’t any post-mortem rape? I think someone needs to check this first. There was this episode of In The Heat Of The Night where they couldn’t prove a teacher got raped at first because the rapist’s wife covered it up. BUT maybe these were crimes of passion and MICHELLE shot her husbands gay lovers!? That would be nuts but how would the police prove that now? Any ideas????

    • Honey, TV plots are now largely re-writes of old stories, but with the se* and violence amped up. They’re written by the kids of Ho’wood insiders who’ve grown up with TV as babysitter – have had everything handed to them and no experience of real life. So same old story lines, cliched characters but more perverse and disgusting than anything my generation could imagine.
      As a dramatist and novelist – who’s made it the hard way – I look at character and background.
      I may be wrong, and from that video of BO kicking in the door after a press conference, he is certainly sitting on a well of rage, but I see a cold, heartless epicene man who’d pull the trigger if he had to and take a smug satisfaction in the power that represented, but would rather have someone do the job/work for him.

  77. Great article. I find this new revelation of Young’s mother to be incredible. She actually fears for her life now, and that is indeed tragic. Could this coincide with Rahm’s run for mayor? I would highly suspect so.

  78. 3rd Infantry Grunt

    Looks like Obama applied a little bit of Chicago-land justice for those three. He may escape justice on this planet for this, but he won’t be able to skirt justice in the Highest Court. And he won’t have expensive lawyers and “Executive Privledge” to hide behind.

  79. 3rd Infantry Grunt

    Debra | September 17, 2010 at 11:29 pm “I voted and campained for John McCain and still have my hat and buttons. My president is Barack Obama and no other, and i will vote for him again.”Maybe you might have a little credibility if you didn’t contradict yourself. You voted and campaigned for McCain. But you would vote for Obama again. And you would also have a little bit of credibility with educated people like myself if you learned how to spell. It is campaigned, not compained. Also, it is a well documented fact that people who do not capitalize the letter “i” when referring to themselves have serious self image problems. Were I you, I wouldn’t be surprised.

  80. I smell a rat,but me think it’s a big lying ELPHANT.

  81. Eowyn, i have to say that I found your blog/article quite interesting.

    Then, I kind Strolled down and read some of your answers to some of the people commenting on your blog.

    The most interesting one that I found was an answer that you gave to a commentator saying that all the proof you had was “speculation with no concrete proof..” to which you replied this :

    “Kenny, why don’t you bring your scrupulous demand for “concrete proof” to the Chicago PD or the Chicago Sun Times instead of harassing a blog for bringing all this to the American people’s attention? Afterall, unpaid bloggers are neither police detectives nor investigative reporters. You are asking citizen bloggers to do the job of police and journalists. Now why would you do a thing like that, um?”

    I basically consider this as an admission that everything you wrote in this article to be a complete fabrication with no concrete evidence to support any of which you are stating.. as you said, you are nor a journalist not a police investigator. Furthermore, you told a commentator that he was harassing this blog just because he had a very valid point and question..

    This also is for me an admission of guilt, knowing that what you wrote was complete nonsense.

    PS : using this grieving’s woman pain as an argument to diss on people who do not believe your theory is low dude..

    Basically i started reading this blog with a very open mind and ended up being totally convinced of the nonsensical arguments you have portrayed..


    • Gosh, Oliver, they must not teach critical thinking or even basic logic in Amsterdam (your IP address)!
      You really must teach all of us the AMAZING leap of logic you took, from:

      a. My asking a rude commentator demanding that I show “concrete proof” of a reported story that s/he should pose that question to the Chicago PD and the MSM — to –

      b. Ergo, that equals my “admission of guilt,” as you maliciously put it.

      Go describe your train of illogic to any professor of philosophy/logic and you’ll be deservedly laughed out of the classroom.

      Since you evidently do not have the cerebral equipment to understand, let me spell it out to you in as clear and stark a manner as I can:

      What I did in my post was to cite and directly quote from two sources: Wayne Madsen Report and the National Enquirer. I’m not an investigative reporter; the two sources are. Any reader of my post who “demands” that I produce “concrete proof” is being not just disingenuous but plain stupid. I did not make those claims about Obama, the 3 murdered gay men, and the grieving mother of one of the murdered. National Enquirer and Wayne Madsen made those claims. The commenter and you should ask them for “concrete proof.” Better than yet, ask the Chicago PD why they are not investigating these 3 deaths!


      • Eowyn, I am certain as night follows day that one woman, a vicious Obamanite, is responsible for serious felonies against my family; she committed perjury in court against an innocent young white male that she was setting up and framing as a criminal. I was an eyewitness to the same alleged incident but I had no credibility, white female against black Demrat, Dimwatt, Demonrat female, despite the fact that her daughter and granddaughter were convicted criminals, etc., crimes so serious that even she couldn’t get them off completely. Also she had means, motive and opportunity to organise that death of a friend of mine in Coler Hospital, an incident hushed up.
        Now while I am an eyewitness to her threats, her obedient thugs and such, it requires official law enforcement to investigate, consolidate and organise that evidence, and go deeply into her role in at least three assassination attempts.
        New York has gone the way of Chicago. I’ve been trying for five years to get an investigation, but meet only insults from NY’s corrupted DAs.
        So the fact that law enforcement refuse to “analyse the ash” doesn’t mean we deny the evidence of our own eyes, that there’s a big conflagration out there, fire and smoke, all designed to obfuscate the truth. Well done, Madsen and thanks Eowyn. Every step toward justice for others is a step closer to justice for me and my family. Fumigate the WH!

    • Steve,

      Did I ever tell you how much I admire and appreciate you? Go get the Amsterdam doper! LOL

    • Hey Oliver! Why didn’t the Irish tater and the sweet tater let their daughter the new tater marry her boyfriend? Give up? Cause he was a commentator! LOL However those making comments on this blog are not, they, my dumb ass Amsterdamian are COMMENTERS. You dumb bell, is every one in Amsterdam as dumb as you. one p-tater, two p-tater, three p-tater four you are to stupid to even be a boor so as you exit don’t forget to close the door.

  82. People are killed all the time by the higher powers. Huge amounts of money, influence and power will not be stopped by a few expendable members of society. It is almost a given now that Dr. Kelley in the U.K. was “suicided”. He’s the one who blew the whistle on the Iraq dossier. I have questions concerning Vince Foster. If a president can be eliminated (JFK), anyone can. There’s no evidence of anything here, a lot of innuendo, that said, this sort of thing goes on all the time. The polonium poisining in London, lots of convenient suicides just before trials that would expose “conspiracies” during discovery; such as world com, enron etc… a couple of low socioeconomic black adolescents are therefore highly expendable, I am not suggesting that’s what happened though. They were young black adolescents living in high crime areas, statistics and trends show they were more likely to die a violent death and sooner than other demographics. Like I said however, we’re all expendable and “they” wouldn’t think twice about it, it happens all the time.

  83. great blog….as the truth about Obama continues to unfold….the only question is….will cover ups the like of the Kennedy’s and Clinton’s prevail…..or has our country turned a corner and embraced the ability to chase corrupt politicians into same kinda hole our armed forces chased Saddam Hussein…..all this fluff supporting corrupt politicians really discloses amazing in-depth ignorance in this society of ours… only need follow the trail of wealth to see the truth…..the rest is truly ignorant fluff.

  84. damn you guys are all right! That means America has elected a foreign homosexual murderer. We all need to sink into the ocean and just fade away if we cannot do a better job on background checks! LOL!

    Grow up, you all sound like homosexual murderers yourselves. All your info. is wishful thinking based on hate.

    Remember, hate only destroys the hater.

    • Hi, Amanda, how nice of you to drop by here and project your hate and bile on us! Do be so good as to point out “the hate” in the reporting by Wayne Madsen and National Enquirer?


    • Gee Amanda, we will miss you upon your untimely demise due to your hatred of the truth being as your belief that hatred destroys the hater, you’ll probably be in hell soon with all the other haters of the truth. (unbelievers)

  85. Eowyn,I think amanda said the key word “BACKGROUND CHECKS”??? if there would have been,we wouldn’t have this nightmare.

    • Good point, tina!

      Although Amanda meant that as sarcasm, she inadvertently let the cat out of the bag. LOL

    • Right back at you big guy. I am looking forward to this blog backing me after I legally change my name to that of my ancestor Benjamin Franklin in my bid for the presidency of the U.S.A., my platform being a much smaller and smarter government. Use powers of the office to do away with Obama care, TSA, Nea, Epa and any other agency causing harm to the American people. Also with those same executive powers tell countries this administration has indebted us to for billions of dollars that it is partial payment for what they owe us from world war II and to write it off. To Corporations that have outsourced to gain slave labor, that if they manufacture their products in another country they can sell them in that country, but not here, but if they want to return and pay American workers a livable wage that can be arranged. Since this is not Russia, we need no czars. However, like Russia, put everyone on a 13% flat tax with no tax shelters. This will cut the IRS compliment by about 80%. If those agents want to continue working for the government, put them in uniforms and on the borders. Like one of my favorite ladies said, “Drill, baby drill” and we will where ever there is a wet hole. My plan is to bring those ages 30 to 50 years of top physical and mental capabilities year one they or someone else to submit their names to their district office, (millions will be submitted giving America a greater selection) Year two, they will be screened omitting all undesirables. Year three, testing by experts in all fields with process of elimination arriving with one from each state. Year four, these fifty enter large chamber with cubicle for each containing computer with much more stringent test than before that may take hours to complete. Each cubicle will have video cam for eyes of world to pan these 50 watching them taking test if they so choose on their home pcs. High scorer placed in position of President and each lessening placed to form new government cabinet much as in the days of our founding fathers as they instructed us to do in the Declaration of Independence. They will accept the salary the American people proffer, serve four years, receive generous severance package, go back to their respective jobs making room for next 50 being groomed. As for myself, upon replacing Obama, I will serve four years sans salary and at end of term enter petition on internet for American people to sign ending the two party system on a National level, but retaining on local and state level executing the demise of career poiticians and send them packing to make room for the first 50 new leaders, (not would be rulers) of the U.S.A. and this being the computer age, that is the vehicle that will take us into the future and get back the respect of other nations.

    • There were, but Pelosi over rode them and signed on BO’s eligibility when no one else would. The scary about that is the silence that followed.

  86. Just to give you a background, I have voted Republican all my life as has my family. But honestly Obama is no worse that Bush or Clinton. He is just continuing the crap that was started long ago. Bush wanted to declare amnesty, illegally started a war that we can never win, lied to the public and destroyed basic rights with the Patriot Act. Clinton lied, created wars and conflict to cover up his indiscretions and he and his wife also probably had people killed.

    Whether Obama is a queer, murderer, or if he was even born in this country is really pretty irrelevant at this point. This country is going down, it would have gone down if that freak flip flopper McCain was elected too, it is just a fact that the United States will not survive and you all need to just get ready for the stuff to hit the fan. Good grief.

    • Actually, as an avowed “redistribute-the-wealth” Marxist who appoints communists to unvotable positions, Obama is just slightly, possibly, worse than Bush. As someone who has accumulated more debt in 4 years than the US has accumulated in 200+ years, is slightly worse than Bush. Someone who goes around apologizing for America, throws out our ally in Egypt, and pushes Islamists to take over stable (although not friendly) countries, is slightly worse than Bush. I could go on, but you demonstrate a clear lack of knowledge. Please go and learn.

  87. Mrs young has a right to know who murdered her son and the fact that they have not tried to investigate this is sickning. My Heart goes out to her and I would not doubt it one bit that Obama had something to do with it.

  88. to all of u who jump on any bandwangon truth or not, young or old. GOD hate all lying people you will be deal with at the end in the lake of fire you will not tarry in GOD sight you without sin cast the stones we the people know it s more to this story. Gay mother should be ashame for even taking a part in this mess you too. Read this Mess and give it to GOD he knows whats best, say he don t if you dare, he put obama in like it or not and the america people love it.

    • Then, your idea of the “god” who you insist had “put obama in like it or not” must be a very strange “god” indeed.

      For what “god” would “put in” a man who thrice voted against the Born-Alive Infant Protection Act, thereby effectively voting in favor of KILLING a baby who survives a botched late-term partial-birth abortion. Your “god” who approves of such a man is evil, which makes you a Satanist.

      You also must stop lying through your teeth. There are MILLIONS and MILLIONS of Americans who don’t “love it” and I’m one of them.

      Since you call yourself “Anthony,” I suggest you look into the life and character of your namesake, St. Anthony of Padua – a gifted orator whose special calling was the conversion of heretics such as you. May St. Anthony help you to rediscover the conscience that the real God had given you.

  89. as a parent you should know your childrens good or bad , gay or stright and face the fact what ever you should love them as GOD love you the way we live is the way we die, stop looking to put your problems on others keep it at home if we put fault on ourself we feel beat up ,put it on other we feel great if feel every story is true than no one could hold a job anywhere lie would never stop

    • How dare you call the elderly grieving mother of murdered Donald Young a liar. Shame on you.

    • Anthony, you poor misguided throwback to the stone age. Had I a child that was homosexual I would do everything in my power to get him away from that lifestyle as I would never see him again when this life is over since God himself said there is no room in Heaven for those who practice this perverted lifestyle. God did not create homosexuals, they are indoctrinated by others stronger than they, usually ex-convicts who themselves were turned while incarcerated. Psychologists who thought this perverted trait was a part of the gray matter at birth were discredited when an experiment of identical twins one of which was and the other was not upon examination were totally identical in every physical and mental aspect and only that neither one exhibited this perversion in early years before they associated with others. Love the person, hate their perversion and make every attempt to set them on the straight and narrow so they too may see God up close.

  90. I heard just the other day that the Chicago PD,does not even acknowledge this case,{even cold cases}

  91. Obama, the Usuper, social security number stealing, low life murder is lower than pond scumb? How could the black community ever fall for him, everyone I know in the community is broke and worse off than they were under Bush?

    • How could the black community ever fall for him, everyone I know in the community is broke and worse off than they were under Bush?…

      Ronnie, a week or so before the election, Def jam rap producer Russell Simmons will distribute prepaid “credit cards” to everyone in the black community so they’ll “feel” rich and equal for the day and thank Obama with loud cheers…

      Someone mentioned “background checks.” Good point, inadvertently made by an obamanite. Where are the investigations into electoral fraud. Is this why Mueller kept his job? If so the honest Feds will be furious, castrated and will turn their anger to the nearest vulnerable and unprotected target – white civilians.

  92. Well I hope Obama comes out the closet, and gets himself a better looking man than his wife. The first lady should be a queen, at least then ok and people mag would not have to work so hard getting a better wardrobe and less photo editing to convince the world he’s good looking!!

  93. Eowyn, why didn’t you call Anthony out on his atrocious grammar? I could only marginally comprehend his thought process.

    Tedler | October 7, 2010 at 12:30 pm | Reply

    Wait, so you’re calling a black, 49-year-old FATHER of two a homosexual, drug-using accomplice to murder? The GALL! How DARE you!

    Tedler, what difference does it make that he’s a black, 49-year-old father of two? There are plenty of father’s who are gay/bi-sexual, and plenty of black/bi-racial men and women who are gay and bi-sexual. And there are plenty who are drug-users and murderers. There are also plenty of people belonging to those groups from every race and every age. What difference does that even make?

    All that’s written in this whole blog was news to me, though I don’t doubt that any of it is possible/probable. I don’t bother much with the news, it’s all controlled anyway. The question has been raised several times as to “Why aren’t credible papers reporting these allegations?” (My words, not a direct quote) My answer is that “credible papers” are not credible at all. They report what they are told to report by those in power. They’re controlled by the government, they report what the government tells them too. Less “credible” sources get away with reporting a whole lot more, because they mix in a little reality with overtly bogus stories. By representing themselves to be non-credible tabloid sources, they don’t warrant the concern of high-powered officials obsessed with keeping skeletons in the closet. That’s purely my belief and logic. Don’t ask me for concrete proof as I have none. It’s purely the working of my own mind.

  94. Prior to the 2008 election, I was running a small blog and on chance I would get a response, tried emailing Larry Sinclair about this story.

    To my complete surprise, I got a reply… though I have not a shred of proof that the fingers typing on the other end of the correspondence belonged to Mr. Sinclair. But there it was and from the short paragraph and a half, I was able to create a dandy little post that got a lot of attention locally.

    I tried several times thereafter to get something more out of the email address, but never got another word.

    My feeling was that this story was in the works long before the actual election so either this was an extended-release political treatment or Sinclair was being honest.


    Every opportunity that I saw to “take down” Obama during the campaign and the election, Obama somehow got out of it. How? Money! He had unlimited funds, that’s all that counts in Politics. I blogged for 2 years, went to Larry Sinclair’s press conference, and did what ever I could do to prevent this idiot from being in office. I still have the front page of Kenya’s paper that says, “Kenya born Barrack Obama is US President”. I immediately made a pdf because I knew with in seconds it would be gone. Sure enough, it was! I would blog on google and the blog would disappear as soon as I submitted it. Oprah? She can go f… herself. I hold her responsible for this; she got the entire world to trust her for 20 years, then she follows him around in his campaign? I used to love her, now I want to vomit when I even hear her name. She used to go to his church? It all came out later. She is a piece of s…! Anyway, we all know that he had Donald Young murdered that night. There was no force of entry and Donald spoke to Larry Sinclair for two months leading to the murder. Donald told Obama that he should come clean and “SUDDENLY” he was dead. Hello? I remember thinking, why the hell isn’t his family demanding for answers? Now she comes out? She wanted Obama to win too and blocked out the fact that her son was murdered by Obama’s campaign. Think about it, she could have gone on TV, Radio, etc… NOTHING! He blind sided his entire race to vote for him and now that he hasn’t kept any of his promises, suddenly she misses her son. If I knew that Donald was murdered by Obama, she must have known too. Where was she when we needed her to come out with the truth? Honestly, I cared about Donald more than his own family.
    Give up people! Obama is the “money man”!

    • Don’t give up. Yes he’s got the banksters on his side and a whole network of senators and congressmen who seemed to either bribed or blackmailed into silence.

      He does not have God on his side – not till he repents, but it will take a miracle to get through that cold, calculating stone-hearted shell of a human being.

      Give Donald’s mother a break, ok. Oprah had the people brainwashed, perverting the good will of the American people with her racist strategies. Was i the only person that saw how she and Dr. Phil berated conscientious, dedicated white Christian housewives; how she seldom had straight, white female performers on her show; that she upheld black female performers, artistes and such; she occasionally threw a bone at her predominantly white audiences with a Hollywood actor of the left persuasion. Hillary Communist Party Clinton and First Lady Laura Bush appeared for balance.

      She used her PR rep Steadman as a “beard,” while quickly displacing “useful idiot” Phil Donahue as America’s “agony aunt.”

      To all the sweet young wives who went home from the Oprah show crying because they kept their houses too well, and vacuumed their carpets too often for Oprah’s liking, dry your tears and Vote the Commie racists out!

  96. Well folks, the Clintons murderous rampage went on and on and on….and a lot of good it did to call attention to that, so it is about time to clean up “gobment” and dump those who take pity on murdering scum the way progressive socialists islamo-commie-nazi’s so ofen do and ban the left from public service, and bench the entire dem party for 100 years….200 if we can continue to teach our children and grandchildren!

  97. If Barry can have his grandmother assassinated, certainly 3 ex-lovers don’t stand a chance of breathing.

    • His mother’s death was also premature, and as with his grandmother, her body was cremated (dna and evidence destroyed) and unceremoniously flung off a cliff in Hawaii – if he is to be believed even about that!

      Perhaps he was afraid of being called a charmuzza…the ultimate insult in arabic.

  98. I had no idea of all this stuff. I am amazed and want to know more. This is from July. Are there any new developments? I really would like to follow this whole thing.

  99. All I know is that I am working at a big Pharmaceutical company in Clayton NC and I support Barack Obama with all my being. I would love for all my friends and colleagues to re-elect Obama in 2012!! I LOVE YOU OBAMA

    • If you’re “working at a big Pharmaceutical company in Clayton, NC,” why is your IP address in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, um?

      • Busted! Reminds me of the little stories they used to tell during the 2008 campaign. One troll said he was from NYC. I said, if you are from NYC, I’m Ed Koch. He said, “maybe you are?” It was obvious by then he had no idea who Ed Koch was. They really need a smarter class of troll for 2012.

        • Thanks, Eden!

          One of the persistent myths lies of the Left is that they’re super smart and educated, which makes them so darn superior over the Right whom the Left portray as stupid ignorant uneducated violence-prone inbred racist rednecks who, as Obama let slip to a group in San Francisco in April 2008, “cling to their guns and their Bibles.” The best example of the Left’s malicious lies about the Right is what left-activist and actress Janeane Garofalo said to Keith Olbermann about the tens of thousands of TEA Party Americans across the U.S. who protested two years ago on Tax Day, April 15, 2009:

          “they have no idea what the Boston tea party was about, they don’t know their history at all. This is about hating a black man in the White House. This is racism straight up. That is nothing but a bunch of teabagging rednecks . . . . [T]he limbic brain inside a right-winger or Republican or conservative or your average white power activist, the limbic brain is much larger in their head space than in a reasonable person, and it’s pushing against the frontal lobe. So their synapses are misfiring . . . . [M]ost of them probably couldn’t tell you thing one [sic] about taxation without representation, the Boston tea party, the British imperialism, whatever the history lesson has to be. But these people, all white for the most part, unless there’s some people with Stockholm syndrome there . . . . [T]he Republican hype and the conservative movement has now crystallized into the white power movement . . . . [T]he right-wing has . . . no shortage of the natural resources of ignorance, apathy, hate, fear.”

          Garofalo has a new TV gig — which is why I do not and will NEVER watch the new Criminal Minds spin off, CBS’s “Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior”!

    • Diane…I’m sorry I brought my disgusting habit on to the board.
      Rest of comment deleted as it had to do with this little man’s nasty habit he does with other men.
      The Management.

  100. Why do you think they hired the Clintons, two of the most notorious mass murderers in history?

  101. OMG,! Get a life people where do these stories come from?

    • OMG! Learn to read, Babs!

      ‘Cause if you did, you’d see that “these stories” come straight from the elderly 80-year-old mother of murdered Donald Young.

      • Or the stories about Don Henry and Kevin Ives (The Boys on the Tracks)- talk to their parents and those of us who knew them and mourned their murders. Truth is stranger than fiction Babs!

        Just found your blog. Thank you for your persistence in seeking truth and justice!

  102. seek and ye shall find

    The pieces of the puzzle surely seem to fit.
    1. perverted behavior runs in all races however it runs deep in the African races. Just study some tribal practices, ie; New Guinea, well known in black communities all across America.
    2. body language, father Pfleuger, rev Wright, Rahm Emanuel, Obama,aka; Barry Sotero also homosexuality is condoned among some jews, ie; read some of the Talmud.
    3. Where are the college girls that Barry dated while in college ? Where are the illegitimate children ?
    4. Communists have been known to be pervs as well, Hitler killed the gay commies when he no longer needed them, (Communists are loyal to no one but the ” Cause “).
    5., The Dunham’s were commie pervs engaging in sex acts with Frank Marshal Davis ( a black commie ), their daughter, Stanley Ann ( probably subjected to this as a child ) became a ” f*cked up adult ” as well.
    6. I have read where Barry as a young boy may have been assaulted by his father and or step father, who knows. We know that they were both drunks, left leaning and Muslim.
    7. As President we know Barry spent one birthday “all alone” according to the govt. media complex, in Chicago.
    8. He and Rahm are very close, others have claimed that Rahm liked to ” check them out in the showers ”
    9. When Grandma Dunham was ill only Barry visited, why ? Why wouldn’t Michelle and the girls go see the one who raised Barry ! Strange indeed, days later granny died. Did she have something that might hurt the Prez, birther issues/gay.
    10. Hell just watch Barry exit Air Force One, check out those limp wrists , ha ha. I bet a dollar to a dime his handshake is like, well you can fill in the blanks.
    11. even the black minister, Rev. Manning, in Harlem has been outspoken on Barry and his DNA
    12. hell I’m gettin’ tired you guys can finish this thread

    • “10. Hell just watch Barry exit Air Force One, check out those limp wrists , ha ha.”

      Here he is bunny-hopping down the steps of Air Force One, limp-wristed (watch at 1:00 mark):

      You won’t believe how long it took for me to find a YouTube video of Obama going down the steps! You’d think someone would have made a spoof video of all the many many times he’s bunny-hopped down.

    • 5. photos of a very young stanley ann dunham are available on antique porn sites. these were taken by frank marshall davis who bragged about seducing a 13 year old in his autobiography – and like all pervs claimed the 13 year old seduced him.
      Daddy Dunham used to smoke hash with Davis, but I haven’t read that he participated in the orgies that Davis and his socialite white wife, (disowned heiress) would conduct with Hawaiian teenagers of both genders. Hawaii was allegedly very communist and “free thinking” at the time.
      It’s also alleged that Davis took Stanley Ann Dunham to meet X at the UN where X was speaking, as a gift or “favour.”

      10. Barry’s hands. I saw those hands sticking out of a burqa at a (then) non moslem area in 2006. The burqa was sitting on a bench at a playground staring either toward Manhattan or toward a building where Move conducted fundraisers for BO. This building was a co-op of luxury apartments sold at a bargain base price to Dem supporters and State employees. It’s occupants were largely extreme left not particularly gifted, and most had second homes in Manhattan, Upstate or Pennsylvania. Taxpayers rejoice!!!!

      Back to the Burqa. It didn’t move, check to see who sat down beside it, just stared ahead. It was very tall, and I at first wondered if it were a perv disappointed at finding the playground closed. I checked the hands – smooth, light brown and long.

      Fast Forward to 2010 – video of Obama picking up a tea-cup. Well, limp wristed action, how are ya!!! But what jumped out at me was that I had seen those hands before – at the playground…

      I figured Osama travelled in a burqa. Now I wonder if Obama does too…

      A photo of obama and donal young was posted on the net about a month ago, looked credible. You might find it if you have time for a search.

  103. I wonder if there are any photos of BO and Donald Young together.


  105. Did anyone not see, when Barrack was elected, he HAND PICKED his PUPPETS back then…my eyebrow certainly got raised…It is vile what your prez is doing, I am Canadian, and we tend to follow the U.S on many political levels. There is disaster all over your country, natural or HAARP (related)…and Barrack seems to be absent all the time..hmmm…Americans must walk in discernment and start connecting the dots. Mainstream media has the White House dollars so far up their butts…don’t count on CNN, they are a 3 ring circus…..Fox tries, but to no avail…..North Americans must research without influence from the puppets and puppeteers….and yes, I believe Barrack is and always was as queer as the daises in May….

  106. Stephen Whitrock

    This vermin obama will never be my president! Hell,he’s a communist ,fag got,racist,muslim trying to destroy America.The great patriot Sarah Palin will be elected and remove this cancer on humanity,along with his illegal csars!!!!!

  107. Hey maybe Donald Chump will investigate. That will be fun.

  108. The facts definitely seem to fit; but the feral children (the left) will always deny that the pieces form a puzzle until they are in jail or broke or something equally personally traumatic happens. However, I would like to point out some b.s. in the article: there was no secret agreement between the Iranians and Reagan to ensure that Jimmy Carter lost. That is a pernicious falsehood.

  109. Homosexuals murdered to advance their political agenda in 1933 Germany…they are murdering to advance their agenda today. In both situations, they are murdering their own kind. Is there a more conclusive indictment of the predatory nature of homosexuals?

  110. resist the agenda

    As a conservative site, please stop parroting corrupted language.
    The use of “gay” here is really unseemly and out of place.

  111. when I was growing up they called it “Queer” and gay meant happy. lol man those were the good ole days!

  112. resist the agenda

    You entirely missed my point. Referencing the adoption of the left’s corruption of language by dictionary editors is silly. I know what “gay” refers to, and by design, what it refers to has no logical relationship with reality. What I suggest is using a word that is descriptive and not tainted by an agenda whose intention is to mask perversity with nonsensical terms.

    • Has no logical relationship with reality? It is a reality that they use this word to promote an agenda. While I appreciate your suggestion, I believe the word “gay” is appropriate, descriptive, and one to use that doesn’t mask “nonsensical” terms. It is what it is.

    • With all the many many terrible things the Left have perpetrated, you seize on the word “gay” to make a federal case about. What a curious person you are.

    • I agree, resist, but it’s easier to write “gay” – obamanuts injured my hands, which, while largely recovered, still veer toward short cuts.

      You are, however, spot on about agenda, so am making an effort to avoid that term.

      There’s little that is really “gay” about the lifestyle.

      • Your comment about the word “Gay” being an absolute misnomer is, from my personal experience, SPOT ON! I drove a cab for a few years in OkC and took more than a few “Gays” to the “Gay” part of town. More than a few times they’d come out to the taxi with an air of resignation. Then, if I glanced at them in the back seat it was like looking into a black hole – cowering in the corner, very NOT “Gay”. BUT, when they arrived they sprang out of the car “Wearing the face that they keep in a jar by the door”. Those are NOT the actions of someone who is happy with his lifestyle!

  113. ProfessorXvile

    First time I saw a picture of Rahm Emmanuel, he reminded me of this guy:

    • Y-E-S !!!

      Obama’s the taller dude in the frilly pink shirt.
      Which makes Rahm the shorter dark-haired guy in that V-necked black jumpsuit!
      Too funny. LOL

  114. I live north of that illegal alien ghetto infested dump and Obama’s a hack lackey who’s lies and obfuscation’s could ONLY be perpetrated on a society as dumbed down as America has become over the past 20 years and the people, kids and idiots who voted this sack of lies and DNC NWO puppet will pay with a lifetime of soft tyranny thanks to opening the DC doors to communists as they have wide open.

    Have fun kiddies, we adults grew up in America that was the greatest nation mankind ever assembled and your leftist moronic friends and white guilt parents on the liberal side sold it down the river and you’ll be paying live slaves in a modern day labor camp. Too bad. you asked for it and you”ll get it unless he’s removed and before 2012.

  115. We all know Obama shouldn’t be in office but our so call elective officials don’t have the balls to get him out or they are on the take with the cover up i guess they have been corrupted to by gig money.

  116. The FBI if not micromanaged by obamas czars would have already removed him from power

  117. The story about President Barack Obama’s bi-sexual past will not go away.

    Won’t go away? We’re still WAITING for it to show up in the corrupt leftwing media.

  118. I don’t think the author was accusing Obama of killing anyone, he is sjust stating what happened ot his 3 gay lovers. The author has taken lie detector tests nd done everything he oculd to ocnvince people he had an affair of sorts with Obama , I dont’ think it s to far fetched since none of the few people who ever knew him ever saw him wiht a woman. The truth of the matter is none of us know anyhting aobu this man , including his birth place his politial or religious views, nothing, only what has been otld to us by his handlers. I personally do not care if he had 50 gay lovers , its ot a big thing with me wht happened ot those lovers is something else. Ovf Course Obama didn’t kill htem himself but the people who wanted him in office could have, he was once a member of the CIA and so whas his mother and his father, they would think nothing of doing something like this, perhaps it was a member of the muslim groups he belongs to. No one will ever know, thats for certain. Links to the CIA remarks here:

  119. I knew obama was gay the first time he came down the stairs from Air Force One. He kinda pranced down the steps looking like a cross between a ballerina and a squirrel. Bingo!

  120. Hahaha! I just saw the video of obama posted above. This is what I’m talking about! He is so gay hopping down those steps flapping his wrists like they are attached to his arms with strings. Give the little squirrel a walnut.

  121. I just love this site! You guys are all so cool! Thank God there are some people who have their heads on straight. (No pun intended) Yes, there is absolutely a concerted effort by the homo activists to manipulate the language used by the world when discussing their treatable psycho-sexual disorder. These people are well organized, arrogant, corrupt, and insidious. They need to be stopped and all sent to the therapist. I am tired of their non-sense and perversion. And yes, I absolutely care about the private life and conduct of the person holding the most powerful position in the world. How naive to suggest otherwise. Thank you all.

    • Thanks, Gene, for your encouraging words! Yes indeed, this is a no-PC site. We are positively allergic to all political correctness ;)

      Welcome to the Fellowship. :D

  122. I sure was hoping that Blago would roll over on obama by now. I’m sure that his family has been placed in jeopardy by threats from “obama’s lieutenants.” I find it extremely saddening to watch the end of America unfold before my eyes. What a slap in the face to God we have become, and what a horrible legacy I’ll be leaving to my 7 children. May God forgive me for my part in this country’s shame.

  123. I knew Obama was off, but this off? I guess with his insane,Anti-USA policies it’s easy to believe most rumors of this “man’s” lack of moral fiber

  124. The puppet master is George Soros! Wake up America!

  125. I have read. To that Mother I am sorry for your loss. I would like to just say how strange it is to have 2 (or more ) friends murdered. The entire story is sad for America. I might add execution style at that.

  126. Well, you’d be gay, too, if you were stuck with Michelle Obama. Now you know why he sends Michelle off to London and South Africa.

  127. What can one expect from an organization that layers itself to avoid direct involvement and prosecution? The puppeteer is guilty of white collar crime. The worst of all crime. How desperate can the Progressives get to resort to murder? You must be aware that the puppeteeers own the liberal newpapers, TV Stations, etc. That is why you are not getting unbiased news reporting. When will the House of Representatives start the investigation into these atrocious crimes against our Constitution and the American People? We have a traitor in the Whitehouse! What is the penalty for treason? They belong on a workgang in the hot sun for the rest of their days locked in solitary confinement when not working.

  128. so what is the real story with obama and soros, rahm emanuel, people died very suspiciously when he was running for prez, he was doing coke and maybe the white rabbit and then a threesome.



  130. I personally have no evidence that Obama is gay, but, I do know for a fact that he posesses one of their characteristics……… HE SUCKS !

    • Roger, I have been contemplating having bumper stickers made up with the homo logo, their rainbow and across it the words OBAMA SUCKS I will sell them at cost to any and all that will sport them on their vehicles. Vote for Benjamin Franklin for Prez in 2012 for a much smaller and smarter government. I have served in 3 branches of service so I believe I am qualified to take command.

  131. Execution of Mussolini – YouTube
    You +1′d this publicly. Undo
    53 sec – Jun 12, 2008 – Uploaded by kulturklasskamp
    “He was brought before a firing squad, and in this manner he died as tyrants should, and was hung up by his heals. A fitting, and glorious end!”

    In their vanity and arrogance they imagine they would never end in such a way but the blood cries from the ground until it finds justice. You shall reap what you have sown and for this their is no exception.

  132. Love America?!! All I see is hatred in all these stories, especially against blacks.

    • Hey, you with the faux folksy avuncular name!

      Are you saying the 76-year-old black mother of murdered Donald Young who only wants the police to find her son’s killer(s) hates blacks? This is a sure sign that “Progressives” like you have run out of ideas and insults to hurl at us. Can’t you dig deeper in that demonizing well and come up with a new invective?

    • Aww…now Unc, play nice… You know what they say about, “visualizing something there”, when it is CLEARLY, “not”?
      Put that in your pipe and smoke it, K? Have a great day now, ya hear! :)

  133. I’m sick to death of this girly-man.

  134. I just a few days ago found y’all. It caught my interest because I have watched Obama and some of his mannerisms are very effeminate, but I thought it was perhaps being raised with females that created his “twist”. You my friends have opened a can that carry’s the stench all the way to the Oval office. WOW! May I complement you on this well written, and easy to understand article. You opened my eyes to things that I had not given thought to. For instance, the Down Low Club in the church, and the Man’s country that Obama belongs to in Chicago. My heart was captured by the elderly lady who wants help finding who was the trigger man in her son’s death.

    After reading this I am embarrassed for our country. This President has brought more filth, lies and deception to the White House than any other. When American’s were falling out at his campaigning events, they should have been staying coherent so they could hear what he was saying.
    Thank you for sharing via this blog. I joined the email group. Waiting for your first new event. Take care and keep on keeping on with the news the media is afraid to discuss.

  135. Pure, unadulterated BULL SHIT !

  136. While these are unverified conspiracy allegations,,they are really not that far-fetched. Over 20 years ago, the biggest and most aggressive public critic of Senator Edward Kennedy was assassinated in Costa Rica. In an earlier situation in the US, an innocent man was assassinated in a case of mistken identity because of bank fraud issues. It happens.

  137. Short and to the point… I am literally sickened by this person, who I refuse to refer to as a man! He is a vile, wretched creature! Satan’s Spawn! Not a Traitor… You cannot betray something you’ve NEVER believed in or been a part of!

  138. Here is another murder – that has gone unsolved:

    Lt. Quarles Harris was gunned down – Chicago-gangland style – in his car in Washington, DC.

    Lt. Quarles Harris was a co-operating witness in the FRAUD = the Cyber-Crime at The State Department – when Obama’s passport information was “tweaked” -
    during the 2008 presidential campaign -
    soon after Hillary Clinton had stated that Obama was not even eligible to serve as POTUS or Commander-in-Chief.

    check the archives of the Washington Times – April 2009.

  139. Sorry, GF, I’d already deleted his comment. This is FOTM’s policy henceforth: We simply delete & ban trolls. There is no point in engaging them because they are not interested in a genuine exchange (recall the commenter whose most recent alias is The Humphrey). But since you’ve responded, here’s Theo Cyrene’s comment, in full:

    Author : Theo Cyrene (IP: ,
    E-mail :
    URL :
    Whois :
    This site is like The Onion, right? You people are really funny. Thanks for the laugh!

  140. What a load of crap. You all need to find something real and important to worry about. Tabloids and yellow journalism have created a society of idiots who believe everything they see on the cover of their publications. Too bad it is usually a pack of lies created out of whole cloth or pulled out of their collective ass.

    • Renee,

      What a load of crap you’re purveying here. Go ahead, do your elitist sneer at tabloids. Yellow journalism, indeed. Yup, that’s why the National Enquirer was nominated for a Pulitzer — because the Enquirer alone of all the hundreds of print and electronic media, actually had the guts to cover 2008 Democratic presidential aspirant & former Sen. John Edwards’ adultery and love illegitimate child. I’ll take “yellow journalism” any day over the MSM’s liberal-fawning non-journalism.

  141. Never any doubt Obammy would stoop to any low to prevent his being outed. But as long as the media is controlled by the Far Left {even Fox isn’t pure as the driven snow} they will go to any effort to protect their chosen Messiah.

  142. his only reason to be in office is to pass a federal homosexuao marriage law, end dont ask dont tell repeal the marriage law, pass hate legislation for homosexuals, start adoption for homosexuals and teach the homosexual lifestyle in all public schools from headstart with books like i have two dads/moms throughout and to fire anyone that disagrees with teaching homosexual as good and right.

  143. I don’t know if this is true but why wouldn’t FOX or some other mainstream new source investigate this.

    • The same reason why Fox or other mainstream news sources refuse to look into Obama’s “copy” of his bogus birth certificate, his curious Connecticut Social Security number, his fake Selective Service registration, why he’s sealed all his school records (including kindergarten!), why he graduated from Columbia U. without any faculty member or fellow student remembering ever having met him, etc. etc.

  144. Send this information to POLITICO – and see what they will – or will not – do with it – so if we have to – we can trash Politico for not reporting on it – being completely biased on behalf of Obama –
    and also – if Politico does not report on it – or investigate it –
    Politico’s failure to do so – will provide obama’s political opponent – with ammunition – that Obama’s political machine is operating to discredit – with sexual harrassment claims from anonymous sources.

    • The mother of the murdered obama gay lover would be an excellent source of information – to expose Obama’s seedy lifestyle that he is operating to conceal.

      That is an entirely different situation – than anonymous women and their alleged sexual harrassment complaints – who threaten to speak out.

    • Fina,

      Good idea! This information has been out there for more than a year, but no MSM — including Politico — chose to look into it.

      • We should respectfully demand Politico investigate and report on it – especially having a lady – Don Young’s mother – willing to speak about it.

        And we should also expose – any news organization – including Politico – if they refuse to report on it.

        Dr. Eowyn, can we direct them to this website – or what?

  145. There is a website – for Gay Democrats – wherein I read about Obama’s exploits in the bath houses of Chicago – with Rahm Emmanuel as the “fixer”.

    The gay Democrats were for Hillary Clinton as the democratic Party’s presidential candidate – did not want Obama, calling him a street thug, and started exposing Obama’s sexual preferences – and identified his gay hang-outs – and memberships.

  146. What do you know about him Stevie, his real mane is Bari Shabezz the son of Malcome x, bet u didn’t know that, why are all his history and his records hidden, come on big guy, you say prove he didn’t but you can’t prove he didn’t, we know you love being down on the plantation, and you can’t escape, you don’t know, or want to, so sad.

    • After reading this article last week, I woke up this morning crying and praying for Norma Jean Young. Please folks, remember that this mother lost – perhaps- her only reason for living. Show some compassion to the grieving mother upon whom this post is centered. I give thanks that God blesses Norma with supernatural comfort.
      on the other subject, this article had the ring of truth to me. 2011/ 11/ is-putative-president-barack-obamas.html
      you cannot look at px of b.s. and m.s. side by side and not say: ‘wow, like father, like son’. the details…we may never know. It does seem our country has gone to the dogs for the last 20 years or so and now this dog is tryin’ to make himself god.
      Even tho’ I feel powerless… I am not. I can live the Golden Rule, pray and do the right thing. The pen is mightier that the sword.
      ps. to the forum leader Eowyn: I respect the courage with which you both allow trolls their say and yet make quick work of them.

  147. Obama truly believes he overthrew the US Govt – through his Vote rigging schemes w ACORN – and definitely believes it is only a matter of time in which the American people accept his dictatorship. That is how delusional he is as a Madman Usurper.

  148. This is wild, but believable.

  149. The Last Resonable Human Left on Earth

    you people disgust me…..a bunch of random people with no evidence or reputable status throw out wild accusations against the most powerful man in the world, and you all buy it hook line and sinker. you’d all love to believe that the president is a murderer and a scumbag because you dont like him and it makes you feel better about your pathetic lives. you really believe some random over the president of the united states. i guess i shouldn’t really be blaming you….you’re all just stupid.

    p.s who cares even if he is gay? he’s still fit to run the country.

    • Hey, you with the long ironic alias (ironic because you call yourself “last reasonable human” but your e-address says you’re a “bong” smoker):

      You may not care Obama’s gay, but I and MILLIONS of American voters do. Why? Because if he is, that speaks to his deception and duplicity, pretending to be a straight family guy, upon which image he managed to get himself elected President of the still most powerful country on Earth. But you’ve declared you don’t care if someone lies to you. That tells me volumes about you. But then, you’re a proud “bong” smoker. I suggest you get a brain scan before you inflict even more damage on your cerebral cortex.

  150. Then, a Mighty Angel picked up a boulder shaped like a huge Mill Stone, and threw it into the

    Atlantic Ocean,

    and cried mightily with a loud voice saying!!

    Just as I have thrown away this stone, the great city of Babylon will be thrown down with violence , and shall never be found again!!!

    The Book Of Revelation, Chapter 18 verse 21

  151. I came across this subject after reading comments concerning Herman Cain’s suspension of his presidential campaign due to infidelity. I am not at all surprised at any of it. I have always maintained that there was something evil and criminal about this man based in part on his non existent personal history. Now I understand. I must know more. Thank you for enlightening me.

  152. Whether, or not, obama-soetoro, or mrs. “big butt” pulled the trigger, doesn’t really matter; all they had to do is “hire” someone to do the job for them. I’m just going to “pray” that “someone” comes forward, admits it and is protected long enough to make it to court to “swear” to it!

  153. The post by “the last reasonable human left on earth” is quite laughable – -he/she has drunk so much obie-koolaide he/she “thinks” he’s the most powerful man on earth- -WHAT SAD JOKE! This individual has either drunk too much koolaide, OR has been “living under a rock”, OR has absolutely NO CONCEPT OF REALITY!

  154. I am amazed how ignorant people are of factual evidence that can be found ‘hidden’ on the internet. June, your question is mine: Have they been living under a rock? The socialists, progressives are so protected but where was that kind of protection for Herman Cain? Where were the liberals blacks crying racism when he was accused? I hope Mr.Cain goes after everyone of those accusers and sues them AND finds out who is behind them. Strange the woman all have a Chicago connection. That city is so corrupt, I even h;a;t;e their hockey team.

  155. yes,isn’t it interesting,the difference between Herman Cain and aka obama,obama is a little limp wristed illegal alien muslim fraudulent treasonous communist homosexual. Herman Cain,an American born man,that believes in our Constitution,and believes America is Great!

  156. Howard T. Lewis III

    B.O. and company are bombing more different countries and governments than any president in history. I think B.O. is a Project Monarch victim and the weird sex stuff comes with the above covert operation. I, after considerable study, believe that B.O. was given a lobotomy back in 1979, ij Connecticut. How else to obtain a genocidal maniac without feeling or senses of social responsibility?

    • “I, after considerable study, believe that B.O. was given a lobotomy back in 1979,”

      If you want to be taken seriously here, source and evidence please.

      • Howard T. Lewis III

        Glad to hear from you, Doctor. I will do better than that. You obviously have more experience than I studying in a medical school library or concentrating on one particular malady or medical irregularity. You know what is necessary to find a certain etiology for a given syndrome if it has occured numerous times and has been covered by any of many seperate journals concerning medical science. Psychiatry and other behavioral science journals work on the same system of the scientific method.
        Do ‘Yahoo!’ and ‘Google’ searches for the word ‘lobotomy’ and notice the reasons why Dr. Munoz first chose rhesus monkeys back in the 1950s. Take your pick. Imagine the list of references I gave you is the entire catalog. Study before and after cases with higher primates, focusing on human examples. A couple hours of review should be enough. I would not insult you or the medical and psychiatric fields by you now. Also note what type of individual became a candidate for this radical procedure in the past and the reasons this procedure has been phased out as a behavioral modification technique for anyone except where a complex brain disfunction or damage required it.
        The depth and magnitude of the genocide being waged by this country to benefit the slaveless royalty of Europe has required extensive planning and execution of numerous attacks against the U.S. to facilitate the flow of coin into the European royal coffers, including bailouts AND Wall Street looting going into British Protectorate off-shore accounts. Obama’s and the Bush SEC’s responses have completely ignored any prosecutions or arrests of ANY of these thefts.Between 1988 and 1993, about 1000 bankers were put in prison for the same activities. The problem now is over 50 times as big in magnitude. Bernanke is loaning new money @0% interest to loan back to the U.S. government at about 2% interest. NO reaction from Obama. He sees no reason to react. Period. He sees no reason to react to anything. He just performs on cue. 1979, Connecticut makes sense.
        I saw Tim Geithner in the company of Richard Perle back in the early 1980s a few times in Seattle. Something big and nasty is being done to the U.S..

      • There are those mysterious, unexplained scars on his head and a significant scar on his (right?) leg.

        However, the deep level of brainwashing and bullying in the madrassas which he attended in Indonesia, which probably included attacks on him as the son of a “white satan ‘charmuzza’” could have battered his soul and spirit to oblivion.

        He falls under the mentorship of William cop killer Ayers, teaching at Brook St College contemporaneously with his so called attendance at Columbia. (one source)
        Here’s another unverified account of an encountr with BO. A young student of Ayers alleges he sought her out, invited her to his house where a young light black man was waiting. She was gentle and naive, perhaps that’s why she was picked, if the story is true. She thought he was interested in her, but Ayers led her to a room and told her he’d let her out once she’d made it with the young black man. She said the young man seemed indifferent, and Ayers stood and watched until it was over.

        As “whack” as the story may sound, the sadness and revulsion of the young woman was credible, along with her statement that she wanted America to know what kind of man was running for the office of President.

        The saddest aspect of this story, beside the alleged destroyed life of a gentle young woman, is that it fits the rest of the puzzle and that this man Occupies the Oval Office. How many more pieces before it’s complete.

  157. I remember after Obama was elected most black people were proud, i remember hearing “black power”!!! and now, no one wants to be associated with the messiah!!!

  158. On public television back in the 1980′s a session of “Tony Brown’s Journal” discussed bisexuality among Black men, the panel acknowledging that it runs about 20 percent of African American males. However common, it’s something that any married man with children would not like to have exposed. In Chicago those holding power know how to protect reputations (most of the time anyway) and the lives of two or more men pale in significance to getting a local figure into the White House.

  159. Richard Vandervort

    In question is if Obama could have been a part of his Gay lover’s demise and to see what type of moral background one only needs to read his two books to find the answers to that.
    Any man that in his own words hated his own mother because she was white and an American would have little remorse to committing other major crimes such as murder to hiding his past.
    Here we have a self proclaimed Muslim in his book willing to get up in front of a nation that he’s suppose to love and represent making claims of being a devoted Christian leader when in fact his book say’s otherwise.
    Obama once said the people not willing to openly disclose information were the ones with something to hide yet he hides everything about his past and I think that in it self should speak for it self.
    With the Muslim faith they will sacrifice their own children, wives, mother and father to achieving their own agenda’s so why would any of us think Obama to being any different.
    Within my own belief’s do I think Obama to be Gay I’d have to say yes.
    Do I believe Obama has had in some way an involvement with the murders of Gay lovers to hide his own homosexuality again I’d have to say yes

  160. Mr Eowyn: In my first blog to you I mentioned ” Obama is a good man” Please do remove that as i said that to rile up the conversation. I knew better. I apologize. I always tell my wife, ” I WILL NEVER DO IT AGAIN” and that is a promise— Lovable open minded. a BLESSED CHRISTMAS.

    • Dear open minded,

      I’m pretty sure I did that already! LOL

      A Joyous and Blessed Christmas to you and wife.

      P.S. The last time I checked, I don’t have male genitalia. :D

  161. I recently read another interesting theory about Barack Obama on the American Thinker blog. The theory goes that Barack Obama Sr. was not the father of Barack Hussein Obama. According to the author of that report, Stanley Dunham, whom we know as Barack H. Obama’s “grandfather,” was in fact his father, and BHO’s mother was in fact a black prostitute who Stanley Dunham met through his friend, Frank Marshall Davis. Therefore, Stanley Dunham’s daughter, Stanley Ann Dunham, was little Barack’s half sister. She supposedly played the role of Barack’s mother out of some kind of loyalty to her father, or something like that. The American Thinker article has several photographs to back up this claim as well as some documentary evidence to suggest that Stanley Dunham paid Barack Obama Sr. to play the part of father to the biracial boy. Barack Sr., it seems, was in desperate need of money just before his departure from Hawaii, and Stanley Dunham probably provided it in exchange for Barack Sr.’s agreement to claim that Barack H. Obama was his son by Stanley Ann. Among other evidentiary items, the author says that Barack Obama never lived with Stanley Ann, and backs this up with proof from the time Obama Sr. lived in Hawaii, and later when he returned to the mainland. There’s more circumstantial evidence strongly suggesting the author’s claim. I recommend it to anyone. But realizing that this claim has nothing to do, I suppose, with Barack Obama’s alleged bisexuality or the allegations made by Sinclair, it might nevertheless help in piecing together a man who is clearly the most mysterious, puzzling, confusing, and uninvestigated man ever elected POTUS.

    • dv,

      By now I’ve seen speculations that anyone but Kenyan Barack Obama Sr. was Obama’s bio father. Some say it’s Frank Marshall Davis (black communist). Others insist it’s Malcolm X (black radical Muslim). Now it’s grandpa Stanley Dunham himself. LOL

      Just goes to show rumors grow like weeds as long as this man envelopes his birth certificate, school records, passport and other documents in secrecy.

  162. Dear DR. Eowyn: Thank you so much for removing the sentence i mentioned, it bothered me very much. Also i will never use “mr” again i told my wife “I will never do that again” Thank you!!

  163. All I can say is … “Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive” ~ Sir Walter Scott

  164. I’ve never seen so many people on one blog feed on an obvious fabricated story and actually believe it. This story is absolutely silly and without any reasonable merit to back it up to verify the story is correct. In fact, it is outrageous in its claims which even FOX has refused to carry. You people must be a bunch of lead paint chip eaters who have spent too much time in a fantasy world of make believe.

    • Hey, Barker, if you really have guts, you don’t spew your disdain here on a little blog. Go tell Donald Young’s elderly mother that her story is “an obvious fabricated story.” I dare you.

  165. Hi All:

    Several days ago I sent an email to Rush Limbaugh at his EIB Web Site encouraging him to take the “gloves” off regarding the Traitor BHO! I believe what Larry Sinclair wrote was true and that BHO is backed by ruthless people and Foreign Powers who wish to enslave or destroy the US. I want to thank all who have opened their eyes to this Threat!

    GOD bless us and help our Country

    M.R. Davis
    Capt USMC (Ret)

  166. Nice pseudo journalism.

  167. Just like JFK and Bill Clinton, the truth about the gay-Muslim-not natural- borne POTUS will be known one day.


  169. James W. Lawson Jr.

    Barry Soetero is the least known entity ever in a power base of high level politics. As Donald Trump was quoted as saying, that he (Trump) went to schools in NYC and he has friends that have known him since childhood. Where are Barry’s friends aside from a convicted pimp in Hawaii?
    Hopefully that judge in Georgia that is going to hear the case involving release of all of Barry’s records involving his live birth certificate, as well as his forged birth certificate, his numerous social security card numbers, and if in fact he applied for foreign aid as a student at Columbia and Harvard Law? My guess is he was a drug mule and chicken hawk in NYC while transporting heroin and hashish for his benefactor thee unnamed Pakistani that took a broke and homeless Barry Soetero in. Mochelle is merely Barry’s beard for his philandering rump ranger ways, and I seriously doubt if those children are even his. He is the biggest liar, fraud charlatan in the US History of Politics.

  170. not sure how true this is but its interesting

    • It is especially interesting that the pastor of Obama’s former church in Chicago not only refuses to look into the execution-style murders of two of the church’s members, but discourages the congregants from even talking about it. See my UPDATE of 1-20-2012 at the bottom of this post.

  171. Thank you for having the faith and courage to report this. I do not doubt for one minute that this article very true. I have read some in Bay Buchanan’s “Extreme Makeover Of Hillary (Rodham) Clinton,” and I know that the whitehouse is not a stranger to the immoral elitests. I read once that Elvis attended one or more cocain parties in the whitehouse under Kennedy. Of course, the Marylin Monroe death and Chappaquiddick still linger in some minds. Anyone who refuses to give an ear to this news is simply naieve. I have been sharing for twenty years that the International Committee of the Red Cross is the antiChrist movement, yet very few people will lend an ear to my research as well. I pray that since this thread of readers is sincere enough to know the truth when you all hear it, that you will search the internet for information about the Red Cross. I can be found online as NathanEdwardDavid or OneCloudyDayAL. I have alot of research that you are welcome to study and share with anyone you choose. Be blessed. In Christ.

  172. What is it with leftists and killing people?

    • Here’s one from the family Marxist:
      “you have to kill your own mother for the good of the people…”
      In theory: “women can choose any career they want …”
      In practice: “…as long as it’s what we want them to do…”

      Leftists will sell their own children.

  173. Hey – ya’ll = suggestion:

    start calling to the RADIO TALK SHOWS in yr area –

    get passed the “screeners” with responses the talk show host is requesting –

    and then add –
    “do you know about the match-making service run out of Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s church – for gay professionals – “The Down-Low Club” – or Man’s Country? why isn’t anyone reporting on obama’s interests in these gay clubs – while he is trying to pass himself off as a Family Values Man?”

    It is easy – to get this message out. I was able to get on – one station – w a huge listening audience. I also stated that websites for gay Democrats mentioned it – prior to the 2008 presidential election – and there is information about Obama in Chicago on the Fellowship of Minds website.

    It is worth a try – and worthwhile!

  174. Obama may not have MURDERED him but the BILDERBERG Group has the Resources.

  175. isn’t it interesting that all 3 gay members of the same church all died within 45 days of each other and right before barry got his name into the prez race

  176. Obumer !!! it takes real narssasitic balls to think that you qualify to be president of the United States ,YET it takes real butt holes to vote for you to be president of the United States. W T F !

  177. shalom from jerusalem
    wow what a story. i am blown away.

    i always said that the obamination is doing more damage to america than he wants to do to israel.

    i am writing about a different issue. we have a scandal here in my area called the nachlat pedophiles in the religious haradi area. most of the leaders of the groups are americans and most of them have connection to chicago
    does anyone know anything about a possible connection between them and the gay clubs

    • ruth,

      Sorry, I can’t help you. I’d never even heard of the nachlat pedophiles until your comment. You may want to contact Henry Makow (click here for his e-mail) or Wayne Madsen (click here for his e-mail) who first broke the story of the Chicago Man’s Country gay club.

      A word of warning, though. Both Madsen and Makow are virulently anti-Israel/Zionist, although Makow is a Jew himself. Good luck!

  178. Tonight it all starts to carefully fit. You do what you have to do to get what you need to get done done before that guy does it! The beginning of the end …….Yet a new beginning.

  179. This is a great site. I’m having difficulty navigating, however, as it seems to hop and jump around. If I submit a post, it takes a lot of staccato image changing to get back to the site at the point where I left it.
    Almost migraine inducing and time consuming. So far, worth it, but if your webmaster can do anything will be much appreciated. Thanks.

    • Thank you, Steve. That makes sense – it’s a dynamic site, well done to all concerned!
      Dr. Eowyn, I do have my own blog, as you may see from the submission form, but suspended it because I couldn’t be consistent at the time – for a number of reasons, some related to the Obamanut injuries.
      I wasn’t aware that the length of my comments was an issue. Perhaps it’s time to return to my own blog. Very best and keep up the good work!

  180. Just scanning through this blog it struck me, just WHAT is the “accidental/’natural causes” body count of folks who might cause problems for the soon-to-be-King in the months around his ‘Coronation”?
    Also, someone ought to send this (and any other similar or supportive stories) to groups like Al Qaeda and the like – I heard tell that Muslims have ‘special’ feelings for homosexuals.

  181. You ever watch Jay Carney get all defensive at press conferences?
    Kinda reminds me of the character “Pritchard” in “No Way Out”
    Not fact but just observation.

    Oh yeah Rahmmey used to be a balerina right??

  182. PaulofAustralia

    There is a difference between conjecture and fact, actual proof of these allegations would make this more believable.

    • The actual FACT is that the elderly mother of a young man says she believes her son’s murder has something to do with his gay lover who’s now the President of the United States of America. The actual FACT is that the grieving mother wants police to investigate her son’s murder, but NOTHING is done about it.

      If it were any President other than Barry Soetoro Obama, you and other Leftwingers would be clamoring for the murder to be investigated, and the useless media would be all over it.

      Now I dare you to deny it!!!!

      P.S. Why don’t you mind your own business? I don’t go on an Australia blog telling people what they should or should not do. Why are you Leftwingers such know-it-all busy-bodies?

  183. Sounds like what happened to Vince Foster? “Only fools are fooled by foolish leaders who twist their words.” King Solomon! But, it’s The Most Honorabe, Most trusted, and Most WISE Dr. Ron Paul who may very well be elecled President on Nov. 6th with only 33.4% of the vote!

  184. Imagine how differently this would have been treated by the mainstream media if these allegations were made against George W Bush.

  185. why are all media so afraid to report this even as a suspicion, a possibility as would be reported on the right wing candidates…as mentioned above, if this were Bush, Romney or any other Rebub, it would be all over for them…how can we get the truth out to be investigated? Are all media being paid off or threatened?

  186. We know the mainstream media is under the control of the elites. In 1991, at a Bilderberg meeting in Germany, David Rockefeller thanked the NY Times, Washington Post, and other media for “keeping secret for over forty years our plans for an intranational governance by the intellectual elite and world bankers, as opposed to multinational governance as has been the custom in past centuries”. In other words, the elites want a one world government controlled by them, rather than have separate national governments. These multibillionaires, heads of businesses, crowned heads of Europe, etc. are the elites. Agenda 21 (sustainable development) is the means by which they intend to achieve their objective. They financed Obama’s election, and are planning for him to have yet another term of ruination. George Soros has organized the Secretaries of State of the various states, who are responsible for overseeing the vote process. A company based in Spain, with a branch in Florida, and funded by Soros, is going to count our election votes on their machines.
    I always send this information on to all of my contacts and websites to which I belong, asking them to pass it on.

  187. I knew there was something queer about Obama.

  188. This all is so funny!!!! And better than than a “mess” of turnip greens and cornbread

    • You find the grief of an elderly 77-year-old mother funny? What kind of a monster are you? And you dare call yourself Mary, after the Mother of Jesus?

      Your neighbors in Memphis, TN, had better watch over their children and pets. Psychopaths have no empathy, and you are a psychopath.

  189. I also found it very strange Obozo went to Hawaii to see his dying grandmother, and NOT taking Moochelle and the granddaughters. He did not go to see his dying grandmother…he went to clear out all the incriminating evidence and paperwork that proves he is a fraud. I wonder where he went to shred all the evidence?

    • KingdomWarrior

      Liz, though I have only heard pieces of this info before, I would say that he creamated the evidence right along with his grandmother’s body.

  190. My goodness, this all may be real. I have thought about this and it makes sense that some are about blackmailing him into carrying on an agenda that he and they put in to progress into such a mess that America will not be recognizable. If he does not steal the election by cheating, then we will get him out. He knows he will be investigated then. He and Holder both, so they will probably go to any lengths to keep this from ever being investigated. They will have to go forward like cornered rats. I really do not know what to think about this, or do not want to admit this, but it is making a lot of things fall into place. Especially because so many in media, Hollywood and newswork are leftist and homosexual or pro homosexual. This seems like a part of the whole ball of wax, but it is the glue that is binding him into going another term. He may be afraid not to go another term.

  191. now thats funny. we not only elected first wanna be muslim black pres but now he may be first muslim black gay pres. sorry bi black muslim pres

  192. Absolute nutcase forum going on here. shocking level of paranoia, delusion and stupidity.

  193. good! i’ve been ahead of the game before there was even an election. it’s great watching this murderer go down in flames.

  194. I first stumbled across a video on youtube by pastor james manning this weekend and he mentioned Obama’s relationship with Larry Sinclair. I had never even heard of any of this until now and I consider myself somewhat “in the know”. The fact that the MSM has ignored this says volumes as the legitimacy of it. If there were no truth to any of this stuff then they would obviously bring it out as to end the speculation. I can’t believe this isn’t a bigger story. Hell I came into work this morning and not a damn soul in my office knew this stuff either. Amazing. Great site, keep up the good work. we have to get this guy out of the white house. There’s no telling what kind top secret information is no longer top secret because of Obama. He has no love for this country and should have never risen to power. I feel sorry for the black community because they deserved a better first black president than this guy. I don’t even consider him black. He’s just an evil man that needs to be brought to justice.

  195. This is a message to “whitey”.
    It seems to me that most Negroes grow up adhering to an unspoken, subliminally understood “Black Code” which sets the standard for their relationship with the Caucasian community. This code apparently obliges them to vote unquestioningly for Barack Obama and other Negro candidates for political office or be ostracized by the Negro community for disregarding the terms of their code. This adroit stratagem virtually guarantees Negro candidates approximately 95% of the Negro vote, surely an immense albeit highly prejudicial advantage to them. The remaining 5% of Negro voters are undoubtedly among the most courageous group of objective, fair minded voters in the entire Nation !!! President Obama’s recent nationally televised appeal to the black community for their vote in the coming election accents the point of this discussion.
    Considering the propensity of Negroes to vote color rather than qualification for office, it seems to me it’s about time for the Caucasian community to wake up and smell the coffee while there is still time for them to do so. It is therefore imperative that we Caucasians to establish our own
    “White Code” and just as loyally support our own White Brothers and Sisters running for office in November. Has our own ancestral pride ceased to exist? The very survival of our cherished Republic and things we hold most dear may very well hang in the balance !!! Remember this when you cast your vote or you may live to regret it.
    All things considered, is this not a fair and balanced proposal? And if not, why not?

    • Winston Smith

      I think I’d prefer a “Patriotic AMERICAN Code”, there ARE such of EVERY hue – though they may be a bit rare in some colors.

  196. Tracie Walker

    Let me tell all of you haters something: Obama did not engage in any acts of violence against the men mentioned here nor anywhere. He is a faithful man who values his wife and family; he loved his grandmother and valued the limited relationship he had with his parents. To even suggest he would be involved in such a gruesome act as stated is absurd. This is our freaking president people; and, if those gay men died or was murdered, it wasn’t the fault of Obama; the blood is not on his hands. Let these men rest in piece; perhaps they all had aids and wanted to end life instead of dealing with the consequences. Just think if Obama had sexual relations with that man, wouldn’t it be likely that he, too, would have AIDS? So, now, let’s get real people; there is no conspiraracy occuring; the only problem is someone needs to blame someone…. Nothing linking the president to this nonsense; nothing relevant to the president’s character; nothing that will prevent him from winning the 2012 election; so, let’s move on crackers.

    • How do you know of Skippy so well? Did you live in Chicago before moving to Tacoma?

      There is one little thing that will prevent him from winning in 2012 – the economy.

      Crackers huh? Nice racist tongue you’ve got there.

      • Tracie Walker

        Baby; you do not know the half of it: Racist is not the word!

        • Get a dictionary. See you’ve mastered Alinsky 101. Skippy would be proud of you.

          • Tracie Walker

            Tell you daddy to come back home and finish stuffing your infected mouth monkey!

            • Troll gone wild! Bet you were captain of your college debate team with brilliant discourse such as it is…

            • Dear Ms. Walker,

              I am utterly baffled by your four comments on this post because I cannot fathom rhyme, reason, or meaning in your rants. I can only conclude that you must suffer from Tourette’s Syndrome. Please get help!

              • Tracie Walker

                LOL; Dear Dr. Eowyn, thank you for your kinds words and encouragment; I think perhaps you are right; I could benefit from counseling. However, with the same token, I hope that you would not mind a bit of critique yourself. Since you are comfortable in dishing your opinion, I feel the need to respond to your feedback. While I am a bit neurotic, at times, I know you can relate since you are obviously suffering from schizoid personality disorder. I do understand how many lonely nights you must spend surfing through posts because you have nothing more to add to life; however, please do not be discourage Dr.; there are plenty self-help groups out here for lonely singles such as yourself. I am available to give you whatever you need; even if it is a good_____ (please fill in the blank Dr.) Oh yeah, one more thing: I am open to providing counseling to you in the event you find my recommendation helpful. Thank you so much, Dr., for your time and have a fantastic day going forward!

                • Dear Ms. Walker,

                  That is so kind of you to offer me counseling! Alas, I must decline because:

                  1. I’m happily married! Neither do I have a personality disorder, schizoid or otherwise! Yes, I’ve taken all the tests :D
                  2. You are neither trained nor credentialed to be a therapist!

                  So, on top of being afflicted with Tourette’s Syndrome, you are also delusional. So sad. :(

      • Tracie Walker

        Prevention: IN YOUR DREAMS SATAN!

    • You have got to be a kidding, you senseless moron. Do some research, do you think someone can shoot themselves multiple times?? Ummm, no dumba** you cant do it. BO is an empty suit, useless, unqualified to run a liquor store and you are right there with him.

    • keep your head in the sand and all will be good

  197. Tracie Walker

    Let me tell all of you haters something: Obama did not engage in any acts of violence against the men mentioned here nor anywhere. He is a faithful man who values his wife and family; he loved his grandmother and valued the limited relationship he had with his parents. To even suggest he would be involved in such a gruesome act as stated is absurd. This is our freaking president people; and, if those gay men died or was murdered, it wasn’t the fault of Obama; the blood is not on his hands. Let these men rest in peace; perhaps they all had aids and wanted to end life instead of dealing with the consequences. Just think if Obama had sexual relations with that man, wouldn’t it be likely that he, too, would have AIDS? So, now, let’s get real people; there is no conspiracy occurring; the only problem is someone needs to blame someone…. Nothing linking the president to this nonsense; nothing relevant to the president’s character; nothing that will prevent him from winning the 2012 election; so, let’s move on crackers.

    • Well, Obama is linked to these men because he had sex with them. He is also linked because people that knew all parties finger Obama as being part of the murders.

      It is one thing to worship Obama, it is another to disrespect the lives of these dead men by trying to dispel what may well be valid explanations with political correctness: “To even suggest he would be involved in such a gruesome act as stated is absurd. This is our freaking president people.”

      We get it. For you, your intellect stops at the “suggest[ion]” that Obama is anything but what you read in Mother Jones or whatever.

      For others, TRUTH and REALITY trump OPINION and EMOTION (how YOU feel about this). For the people that are mourning these men, they have a right to seek the truth (as we all do), and you’re desperate political correctness disrespects the loss these people are trying to deal with and the lives of these murdered men.

      “Don’t believe everything you think” -Anonymous quote from the Internet.

  198. WOW! I knew there were some heads exploding when a black man became president but WOW. This some sick shit. You people are demented. Jeez, it’s unfortunate you probable have children. God, sick people.

  199. They called him Obama Mandingo back in those days.

  200. One of the problems here is that this isn’t an isolated case…the body count surrounding Obama including family members is a trail a mile wide…there are many many others going way back who have mysteriously “died”…I sure hope this woman and her friends will not continue to vote for Bari Shabazz….I can’t wait for this treasonous fraud to be outted…he is the shadiest of shady people with no less than 4 aliases, no legal birth certificate, no college records, no friends (oh except the communist ones, but that’s all coincidence…uh huh…) Who is this imposter????

  201. The many government departments conjured up this make believe character know as Obama / Soetoro / Bounel & ??? The SHEOPLE oops people,need to take a very hard look at the USURPER & CONGRESS people that placed ‘ IT ‘ into office. Romney is the matching other side of the Obama coin. We will not see any recensions from whatever his Administration might be. That will never happen….so it will be business as usual, nothing will change.except for the elite.
    Of course I am all for Joe Arpio and his investigation team. They are doing a fine job of exposing the creep know as Obama / Soetoro / Bounel / ???.

  202. Anyone out there remember the syndrome called the Arkansas flu? It struck people who presented obstacles to Bill Clinton’s political rise to power. Vince Foster is its most famous victims. Ron Brown was another.

  203. Trail Dust, I have an hour-long documentary packed with information about Mena, Arkansas and the trains that ran with military/helicopter containers (there are no international or national border inspections on these containers). The boxes were filled with guns/ammo/drugs to fund the cost of the Clinton election. Three boys who accidentally witnessed the unloading of these boxcars were killed. . .and the stories go on to end (maybe) with Vince Foster’s “suicide.” There is nothing new under the sun–remember, even King David, the man of God’s heart, had Bathsheba’s husband conveniently whacked to cover up his sin.

  204. It sure seems to fit ito the liberal socialist motto the ends justify the means doesn’t it? in a twisted sense of social justice obama may feel it’s his destiny to fulfill dreams from his father.

    I believe if given 4 more years the people that support obama the most will suffer the most because under liberal socialism the money always runs out.

    You have to hand it to obama he knew what americans wanted to hear so he took bits & pieces from the presidents we revere most & put it all together calling it his own using our patriotism & love of god & country against us.

    How else could obama convince hispanics to vote for him without being good at manipulating people because hispanics all fled or escaped liberal socialist governments that kept them poor & without opportunities cuba, mexico, venezuela, so why would hispanics vote for more of the same government they escaped from.

    I believe people deserve the government they allow or elect so if obama does get 4 more years no sympathe for those who suffer most which will be his supporters that think he will give them money or benefits in exchange for votes & power.

  205. There are so many lies now that it’s head-spinning no matter what your leaning or belief… What is shocking here is that I am sure this story is completely unknown to most of America… To me, the attempted $150k bribe allegedly offered to Rev. Wright and the publicized commentary thereof by Wright himself would seem to make more sense in light of this possibility – because why else would O be so concerned when most knew at least that he was associated w Wright before the last election… Where there’s smoke, there’s possibly fire… Once again, if there were still any patriots left in the mainstream press, the truth probably could be uncovered – and eventually it probably will be regardless, but not before the 2012 election, nOpe…

  206. Dan 11:36 And the king shall do according to his will; and he shall exalt himself, and magnify himself above every god, and shall speak strange things against the God of gods; and he shall prosper till the indignation be accomplished; for that which is determined shall be done.
    Dan 11:37 Neither shall he regard the gods of his fathers; and neither the desire of women, nor any god, shall he regard; for he shall magnify himself above all.
    Dan 11:38 But in his place shall he honour the god of strongholds; and a god whom his fathers knew not shall he honour with gold, and silver, and with precious stones, and costly things.
    Dan 11:39 And he shall deal with the strongest fortresses with the help of a foreign god; whom he shall acknowledge, shall increase glory; and he shall cause them to rule over many, and shall divide the land for a price.

  207. Just found this site tonight. Lots of information that I had no idea was out there about Barry. Thank you Eowyn. With all this new found information, I have a lot of reading to do. Keep the flow coming. God bless.:)

  208. Well, if his homosexual past is true, he can’t be muslim. They still hang you for that in the middle east!

  209. I just could not believe on the issue and as I heard today for the first time I began to Google it. the matter may be very serious and nobody should be allowed to malign the character of America’s first citizen.

    • “First citizen?

      Are we in the era of the French Revolution? Besides, any President of the United States is simply the person elected to be America’s chief executive officer for 4 years, not the “first citizen” who’s better and superior to all the millions of other U.S. citizens.

      “Nobody should be allowed to malign the character of America’s first citizen”

      Oh yeah? Ever heard of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution? Then SNL, Jon Stewart, the late-night shows, all stand-up comedians, all political cartoonists should all be guillotined. As if you didn’t malign the character of Presidents George W. Bush or George H.W. Bush or Ronald Reagan or Richard Nixon.

  210. BO does hide his MEDICAL RECORDS…maybe this is why, could he have HIV??? The murders are in sync for his 08 election…Gay rights seem more important than JOBS, to him. This lady needs to run fast or sell a book & make herself so loud that everyone knows her as some protection.

  211. Embezzlement = the fraudulent appropriation of funds or property entrusted to your care but actually owned by someone else.

    Obama receives a $400K annual salary along with an additional allowance of $270K for travel, entertainment and sundry expenditures. But on this last vacation he has used $20 million of Our Money. In 2011, he and his Royal Family used $1.4 billion of Our Money for their vacations and personal protection.

    It’s time for this Monarch to be charged with open embezzlement and the misuse of public funds. These vacations have nothing to do with matters of state, and King Obama has breached the confidence of the American people for personal gain.

    When Nancy Reagan used public money to purchase chinaware for the White House, the media screamed to high heaven – and that was a purchase for the White House. Now it’s time to direct that same anger at the Obamas and hold them personally and financially liable for the tax dollars they have stolen from us.

  212. why am i just now reading all of this, i can’t believe i must live in a bubble and didn’t hear any of this. Wow. I’m off to read more about it.

  213. God sees everything. The prayers of a righteous man avail much. Pray that God exposes this evil and protects His people and raises up bold Christians, and binds up evil forces in this nation in Jesus name.

  214. Now it comes out. LET’S ARREST, TRY, CONVICT and EXECUTE this muslim PUNK TERRORIST. He is KILLING AMERICANS. My name is, Larry VELASCO and I DESPISES the PUNK LIAR.

  215. Is that something like swatting at a knat and swallowing a camel?

  216. One of Obama’s daughters looks like one of Malcolm X daughter, so does Obama when he smiles that long chin smile. Obama is rumored to be the son of Malcolm X. Malcolm X was killed by (rumor say Louis Farrakhan for getting out of the Muslim Brotherhood.) Obama was supposed to have been Barry Shebazz living in Hawaii, got in a serious motor vehicle accident and fled to NY without resolving the legal results of this. It is interesting to look up Who is Barry Shebazz and you will get the story. Makes a lot of sense when you see Malcolm Shebazz’s (who later became Malcolm X, pictures. I believe “X” died at age 34 killed at a rally of some kind. Of course Obama is now older then when “X” was killed. It is quiet a coincidence. The story will explain a lot of things that makes sense. Give it a read. Who knows?

  217. Obama truly is a cracksmoking, foreign national, homosexual. Pretty soon it’s all gonna drop on him. The people who are pulling his strings are getting unhappy with the way he is handling things. They did get him to set the table so to speak… Got what they wanted from him so he may just get thrown under the bus. It will be interesting to see how it all unfolds.

  218. does this really surprise anyone that ovomit and emanualle are both peter puffers

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  221. This is scary.

    How much is true? Only God knows. But, the possibility the US has a gay president is scary. And it would explain why he has been so forceful in changing American culture to a more gay culture ….

    Would it be wrong of US to pray, if this is true, of course, that he caught aids from his lover and will die soon?

    The entire concept is scary.


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  223. Obama does not have a “bi-sexual” history – he only has a HOMOsexual history. They tried creating a few “girlfriends” for his past, but it fell through badly. He never had any girlfriends – he was never interested. And from the evidence shown on Michelle /Michael who poses as his wife, that is another story and the biggest fraud ever pulled off on America. Nothing about that “family” is real ! The entire thing and set up is all a fabricated set up on the American public ! Obama is one big lie from beginning to end, including his legal name which is really Barry Soetoro. He was never a real lawyer either – he just pretended to be as his application was lies so it disqualified him before he ever began .

  224. personally I believe we have our first gay pres and a drag queen posing as 1st lady

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  226. this is scary but the facts are there.

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