Pray for America


A Way of Salvation for our Nation

By David Heeren*

This nation began with one of its greatest forefathers, George Washington, spending two hours every morning on his knees in prayer. A series of amazing events followed that could be called miracles, resulting in the American colonies’ liberation from British oppression.

The overriding issue we face today is: How much longer can our nation remain free unless we again adopt a resolute posture of entreaty before our God?

Most of us probably can’t spend as much time in prayer as Washington did, but if every patriot took a few minutes every day to pray humbly and fervently for the U.S.A., it could have more impact than all of the phone calls we have made to Washington, D.C.

God is faithful. He does not lie. He has promised (2 Chronicles 7:14):

If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, forgive their sins and heal their land. 

Please share this thought with other patriotic Americans.

* David Heeren is the author of seven books, including two recent books with Christian themes. The first of the two, The Sign of His Coming, was published in 2007 by Creation House. In it Heeren seeks to identify the sign of Jesus’ return described in Matthew 24:29-30. The second, published in 2009, is In His Steps Again, on persons who commit themselves to one year of living based on the theme what-would-Jesus-do, in a 21st century world of romance, adventure, danger and suspense.

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I have been praying for our beloved America, but I now pledge that I will say a prayer upon awaking every morning.

Will you also pledge? Please join me!


This should be the easiest Caption Contest, ever!

This is the 82nd world-famous FOTM Caption Contest!

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Next generation of Democrats

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The next generation of Democrats!

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The long, grim struggle for the long-term unemployed

hopeandchange3 As of August 2014  three million Americans had been unemployed for more than six months. Over two million have been unemployed for more than a year.

The only incremental improvement: the percentage of those out of work and looking for the past six months or more has declined, from 46% of the total unemployed in 2010, to 33 percent now.  In California (excepting the Bay Area’s bubble economy) the percentage is closer to 40 percent.

The plight of the long term unemployed —  highest in the 45-59 age group  – remains “among the most persistent, negative effects of the Great Recession.” In percentage terms, it’s still the highest since the Great Depression, says the John J Heldrich Center for Workforce Development at Rutgers University in a report published today.


The long-lasting trend indicates ”that the ranks of the long-term unemployed may remain high for months or years even if the economy continues to improve,” says the report based on a survey of 852 employed and unemployed workers between July 21 and August 3.

Close to half of those who have found jobs are being paid less, working part-time, or otherwise experiencing “a step down” from their job 5 years ago.

Their living standards, and feelings about the present and the future, are very much in line with earlier findings on the mood of American workers.

elections have consequences

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Precious parenting!








Pop singer Linda Ronstadt wants open border with Mexico

Ronstadt with POSLinda Ronstadt was awarded the National Medal of Arts and Humanities by the POS in July 2014.

Linda Ronstadt, 68, is of German, English and Mexican on her father’s side, and German, English and Dutch on her mother’s side.

In other words, by heritage Ronstadt is more German-English than Mexican. Whatever Mexican heritage she claims stems from her paternal great grandfather who married a Mexican woman.

In an Aug. 18, 2014 interview with Megan Finnerty of The Arizona Republic, Ronstadt vented her feelings on America’s southern border, immigration, and her chosen self-identity as a Mexican-American in Aztlán — the Aztec name for the southwestern states of California, Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, portions of Nevada, Utah, and Colorado, which Chicano nationalists claim were stolen by the United States and must be reconquered (Reconquista) and reclaimed for Mexico.

On the fence and border:

Ronstadt said, “There wasn’t a fence running through the Sonoran Desert when I was growing up. In fact, when I moved back to Tucson, there wasn’t even a fence running through it. While I was there, it was building; we just turned around and all of a sudden it was there, this horrible thing that destroyed economies on both sides of the line. I know my own father’s business was very dependent on the goodwill and business and trade from people in northern Mexico. We knew their families and went to their weddings and baptisms and balls and picnics, and we had a great time with them. Because my dad had a huge hardware store, and they came up to Tucson (to) do their shopping.”

On immigration reform:

There should not be a question of legal or illegal immigration. People came and immigrated to this country from the time of the Indians. No one’s illegal. They should just be able to come.

“We allow Cubans to come in and say that they’re refugees. Well, in Cuba — I’ve been there, you know — people are fed, people are housed, people are clothed. There isn’t violence in the streets. Here, people are coming from places where there’s just terrible violence. Parts of Mexico that are incredibly violent, and Honduras, which is just unspeakably violent right now.

“These children are just fleeing for their lives, their parents are just sending them out because it’s the only way that they have of living — into a terrible, dangerous journey and an uncertain future in the United States that is populated with people that seem to hate them — that’s how desperate they are.”

On her self-identity:

“You have the United States, and you have Mexico, and then you have this Mexican-American thing which is this third culture, which I like to call Aztlán.

“It’s not the same as Mexican culture; it’s not the same as American culture. It’s a distinct hybrid with its own characteristics, and it’s influencing the culture in the United States and Mexico, and that’s kind of where I’ve found myself for the last 20 years. It’s an Aztec word; it means northern. It’s where the Aztecs came from. When they asked, ‘Where did you come from? They said ‘Aztlán,’ which is up here in the north, probably the American Southwest.

“So I think of myself as a girl from the Sonoran Desert, and my culture is the culture of Aztlán.


The Aztecs were a brutal militaristic people who engaged in human sacrifices to their “gods.”

In the usual procedure of the sacrificial ritual, the victim was taken to the top of the temple and laid on a stone slab by four priests. A fifth priest sliced open the victim’s abdomen with a ceremonial knife made of flint, grabbed and tore out the still-beating heart, which would be placed in a bowl held by a statue of the honored god. The victim’s body was then thrown down the temple’s stairs.

It is estimated that at the re-consecration of Great Pyramid of Tenochtitlan in 1487, the Aztecs sacrificed anywhere from 4,000 to as many as 80,400 prisoners over the course of four days.

By “the culture of Aztlan,” does Linda Ronstadt also include the Aztecs’ live human sacrifices? And if not, why not?

Here are Ronstadt’s other rabid leftist views (Wikipedia):

  • At a 2006 concert in Canada, Ronstadt told the Calgary Sun George W. Bush was “an idiot” and that she was “embarrassed” he was from the United States.
  • In August 2009, in a well-publicized interview to PlanetOut Inc. Ronstadt championed gay rights and same-sex marriage and stated that “homophobia is anti-family values.”
  • On January 16, 2010, Ronstadt converged with thousands of other activists in a “National Day of Action,” protesting the treatment of illegal aliens and Arizona’s enforcement of its illegal immigrant law, especially Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s immigration efforts.
  • She has said she doesn’t like to sing to an audience that includes a Republican or “fundamentalist Christian.” (

Given her hatred for Republicans and “fundamentalist” Christians, I can’t imagine why anyone from those two groups would want to buy or listen to Linda Ronstadt’s music.

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Man Scales White House Fence And Makes It Into Front Door.

So I’m kinda thinking what would Vlad do?   sfi_machinegune6

Is it just me or does it seem to you also that there was a time that if a guy jumped the fence you would think he would not get very far. 

Could it be this touchy feely crap that has emasculated everything that was once proud and strong in this country? The Secrete Service has been in so many scandals lately. 

Secret Service Director Julia Pierson began an investigation into what went wrong. Oh yea, we have the first female head of the Secrete Service. I don’t know if that means anything, but with this group usually woman + lib is a disaster. 

Obama and family had just left the residence. Much as I can’t stand him the thought of a whack job getting in the doors of the WH is scary.


WASHINGTON (AP) — The man accused of getting inside the White House after scaling a fence is a veteran who was awarded a medal for his service in Iraq and retired due to disability, the Army said Sunday.

Credit: Evan Vucci AP

Credit: Evan Vucci AP

Authorities have identified the intruder from Friday night’s shocking incident as Omar J. Gonzalez, 42, of Copperas Cove, Texas, and the Army said he had served from 1997 to 2003, when he was discharged, and then again from 2005 to December 2012, when he retired.

The military does not provide details about a soldier’s disability due to privacy considerations.

The Secret Service tightened security outside the White House after the embarrassing breach in which the intruder carrying a knife climbed the fence, ran across the lawn and entered the building before agents stopped him.

The first family was away from the White House at the time.

Increased surveillance and more officer patrols are among the measures that Secret Service Director Julia Pierson ordered. She also began an investigation into what went wrong.

A member of the House Homeland Security Committee said Sunday that it was astonishing, at a time of concerns about terrorist attacks, that “someone could actually get into the White House without being stopped.”

Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., said the intrusion was “absolutely inexcusable” and he expected congressional hearings into the incident at one of the world’s most heavily secured buildings.

“This demands a full investigation, an investigation as to what happened, why it happened and what’s being done to make sure it never happens again,” he told “Fox News Sunday.”

Officials first said the fact that the man appeared to be unarmed may have been a factor in why agents at the scene didn’t shoot or have their dogs pursue him before he made it inside.

But a criminal complaint issued late Friday revealed Gonzalez had a small folding knife with a 3 ½-inch serrated blade with him at the time of his arrest.

At a hearing late Saturday afternoon in D.C. Superior Court, the assistant public defender representing Gonzalez said Gonzalez had no convictions or arrest warrants and had tested negative Saturday for drug use, according to The Washington Post.

“This is someone who has provided service to his country and shown commitment in his life,” said the lawyer, Margarita O’Donnell, as she tried unsuccessfully to get Gonzalez released.

Gonzalez was expected to appear in federal court Monday to face charges of unlawfully entering a restricted building or grounds while carrying a deadly or dangerous weapon.

According to a criminal complaint, Gonzalez told Secret Service agents after his arrest that he was “concerned that the atmosphere was collapsing” and needed to contact the president “so he could get word out to the people.”

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Top 10 Reasons I’m not a Democrat


22 military veterans a day commit suicide

Statue of Liberty in tears

22 U.S. military veterans a day committed suicide in calendar year 2010.

That’s the shocking finding in a 2012 report on suicide data by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Authored by Janet Kemp, RN & PhD, and epidemiologist Robert Bossarte, PhD, the VA study used data collected from 21 states. The study’s other findings include:

  • Suicide rates among veterans in the United States increased since 2007, by about 20%. Whereas the percentage of all suicides identified as Veteran declined between the years 1999-2003 and remained comparatively constant after 2003, beginning in 2007 the number of deaths by suicide increased.
  • A majority of Veteran suicides are among those aged 50 years and older. Veterans who commit suicide are older than non-military Americans who commit suicide. More than 69% of all Veteran suicides were among those aged 50 years and older, compared to approximately 37% among those who were not identified as Veterans.
  • Vets aged 50-59 years are a high suicide risk group.
  • Veterans who died from suicide were more likely to be married, widowed, or divorced.
  • The majority of nonfatal suicide events were the result of an overdose or intentional poisoning. Nearly 11% of non-fatal attempts were made with a firearm.
  • The rate of suicide has increased not just among military vets, but in America in general.

military vets suicides

If you’re a veteran or you know a veteran who is suicidal, help is available!

Call the Veterans Crisis National Lifeline (1-800-273-TALK); push “1” for Veteran services. The Veteran Crisis Line is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by trained VA employees with backgrounds in mental health services.

H/t CBS DC  and FOTM’s josephbc69

See also Steve’s post, “Military Suicides: A very sad/grim statistic.”